Pale-bellied Brent Goose, Cley, 27th December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Black-tailed Godwit, Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 21st December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Male Pintail, Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 21st December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Golden Plovers, Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 21st December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Juvenile Glaucous Gull, Salthouse, 14th December 2008 (Rob Lee). He's still here.
Juvenile Iceland Gull, Pat's Pool, Cley, 10th December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).  This bird spent a few minutes on Pat's Pool this afternoon, and then joined the Glaucous Gull on North Scrape.
Juvenile Glaucous Gull, with Turnstone and Ray's Bream (deceased), Salthouse, 7th December 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Tundra Bean Geese, Cley, 7th December 2008 (Pat Wileman). Part of a flock of 11 present on Simmonds' Scrape early morning. 
Ruddy Shelduck, Cley, 6th December 2008 (Pat Wileman). This single bird was 'glowing' in the early morning sun on Simmonds' Scrape.
Tundra Bean Geese, with Pink-footed Geese, Langham, 2nd December 2008 (Steve Gantlett). Six Tundra Beans were present with about 500 Pink-feet today, although 16 were in the same field yesterday.
Glaucous Gull, Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 27th November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). 
Grey Phalarope, Pat's Pool, Cley, 26th November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). This bird has been around the reserve for several days now. 
Partial albino Black-headed Gull, Cley, 23rd November 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Lapwings, Salthouse, 23rd November 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Little Egret, Salthouse, 22nd November 2008 (Steve Gantlett).
Waxwings, Salthouse, 5th November 2008 (Pauline Walton).
Red Kite, Stiffkey, 9th November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). This unexpected bird was briefly just south of the A149.
Red-flanked Bluetail, the Hood, Blakeney Point, 6th November 2008 (James Gilroy). A great find: a new species for Blakeney Point and the Cley 10km square.
Waxwing, Kelling, 4th November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). One of up to at least 17 hanging around the village this afternoon.
Red-flanked Bluetail, Muckleburgh Hill, Weybourne, 2nd November 2008 (Steve Gantlett).

Black-bellied Dipper, Glandford, 1st November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). A great Cley 10km square tick!


Firecrest, Langham, 31st October 2008 (Dave Curtis).


Adult Greenland White-fronted Goose, Kelling Water Meadow, 27th October 2008 (Simon Chidwick). This bird landed on Moss's Pool for a couple of minutes at about 14.45 before flying off west to and over Cley.


Adult Greenland White-fronted Goose, Cley, 27th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett). This lone bird flew two laps of the reserve this afternoon, before flying off west without touching down.


Whooper Swans, Pat's Pool, Cley, 27th October 2008 (John Furse).


Grey Phalarope, North Scrape, Cley, 26th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Adult Yellow-legged Gull, West Bank, Cley, Norfolk, 26th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Great Grey Shrike, Stiffkey, 24th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Little Grebe, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 22nd October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Merlin, Little Eye, Salthouse, 19th October 2008 (Simon Hollidge).


Radde's Warbler, Weybourne, 6th October 2008 (Jackie Moreton). Courtesy of Moss Taylor.


Wilson's Phalarope, Cley, 12th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Bearded Tit, East Bank, Cley, 12th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Richard's Pipit, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, Norfolk, 10th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Kestrel, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, Norfolk, 10th October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Sparrowhawk, Cley, Norfolk, 1st October 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Curlew Sandpiper and Ruff, Teal Hide, Cley, September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Ruddy Shelducks, Pat's Pool, Cley, 19th September 2008 (Dave Curtis).


Dotterel, Cley Beach, 19th September 2008 (Rob Lee).


Yellow-browed Warbler, Salthouse Beach, 15th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Male Redstart, Avocet Hide, Cley, 15th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Redstart, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 14th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett). About 10 Redstarts and 10 Willow Warblers were around the Salthouse eyes in the late afternoon.


Willow Warbler, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 14th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett). With the wind in the east at last, a small fall of migrants occurred today, with most birds arriving in the afternoon, as they usually do.


Osprey, Cley, 13th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Marsh Harriers, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 12th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett). Six at once - on another very gloomy evening.


Sparrowhawk, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 11th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Juvenile Reed Bunting, East Bank, Cley, 6th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Moorhens, Cley, 6th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Juvenile Little Grebe, Cley, 6th September 2008 (Sue Gantlett).


Great Black-backed Gull, Salthouse, 2nd September 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Leucistic Coot, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 1st September 2008 (Steve Gantlett). This striking bird has been lingering with the handful of Coots in front of Daukes' for at least two weeks.


Arctic Skua and Sandwich Tern, Cley, 30th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Dunlin, Cley, 30th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Honey Buzzard, Cley Hangs, 29th August 2008 (Richard Millington). Hot on the heels of an adult male heading south over Kelling an hour earlier, this juvenile drifted southwest.


Wryneck, Kelling Heath, 28th August 2008 (Paul Bishop). Lingering near the level crossing for several days.


Common Terns, Sandwich Terns and gulls, Cley, 28th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett). The Mackerel have been in for several days, so up to about 300 terns are feeding at once of the beach.


Tawny Pipit, Great Sandy Low, Blakeney Point, Norfolk, 26th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


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