Juvenile Red-backed Shrike, Kelling Water Meadow, 25th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Juvenile Curlew Sandpiper, Cley, 23rd August 2009 (Steve Gantlett). Just the one, amongst about one hundred Dunlin.

Stock Dove and Collared Dove, Cley, 22nd August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Green Sandpiper, Pat's Pool, Cley, 18th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Ruff, Pat's Pool, Cley, 17th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Juvenile Garganey, Pat's Pool, Cley, 16th August 2009 (Robin Abel). With the Mallards sleeping by Bishop Hide today.

Wood Sandpiper, Cley, 15th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Wood Sandpiper and Redshank, Cley, 14th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Juvenile Spotted Redshank, Cley, 12th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Osprey coming west over Halfway House, Blakeney Point, 10th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett). In the drizzle, from Cley.

Male Red-backed Shrike, Blakeney, 9th August 2009 (Penny Clarke).

Juvenile Spotted Redshank, Cley, 9th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Greenshanks, Cley, 7th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Tufted Duckling, Cley, 7th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Juvenile Black-tailed Godwit, Cley, 4th August 2009 (Steve Gantlett).


Spoonbills, Pat's Pool, Cley, 30th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Goldfinch, Cley, 28th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Great Spotted Cuckoo, Salthouse, 24th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Great Spotted Cuckoo, Salthouse, 23rd July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Arctic Terns, Blakeney Harbour, 22nd July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Bearded Tits, Pat's Pool, Cley, 20th July 2009 (Phil Vines).

Yellow-legged Gull, Pat's Pool, Cley, 19th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Black-tailed Godwit with Avocets, Cley, 19th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). A juvenile limosa.

Spoonbills, Cley, 18th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). These record 13 roosted on the reserve all day, on Pat's Pool!

American Golden Plover, Cley, 17th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). 'Showing well' on Sea Pool.

Sand Martin, Cley, 13th July 2009 (Sue Gantlett). Beside the Eye Pool.

Swallows, Cley, 13th July 2009 (Sue Gantlett).

Juvenile Marsh Harrier, Cley, 10th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). They have had another very successful breeding season at Cley.

Swift, Cley, 10th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett).

Little Egret, Cley, 10th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). 

White-winged Black Tern, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 8th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). This beautiful new arrival was first seen close in front of Daukes' at midday, but very soon moved to and then stayed over the distant Billy's Wash.

Little Egret, Bishop Hide, Cley, 3rd July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). 

Buff-breasted Sandpiper, Simmonds' Scrape, Cley, 6th July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). Another nice find by the early-morning Wilemans!

Spoonbills and Little Egrets, Pat's Pool, Cley, 3rd July 2009 (Steve Gantlett). A stickleback feeding frenzy a remarkable spectacle close in front of Bishop Hide this morning.



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