Sparrowhawk, Cley, 29th December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Black Brant with Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Cley, 23rd December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

A Shag joins the winter seawatchers in 'The Beach Hotel', Cley, 22nd December 2012 (Sue Gantlett). 

Waxwing, Sea Lawn, Cley, 12th December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). Just the one on the garden 'apple tree' this afternoon but, as usual, only for a minute; it flew off over the West Bank.

Pintail, Cley, 9th December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Great Spotted Woodpecker, Cley, 6th December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 


Richardson's Canada Goose, Cley, 30th November 2012 (Richard Millington).

Richardson's Canada Goose, Cley, 2nd December 2012 (Steve Gantlett). Spot the small one.

Little Egret, Cley, 28th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Marsh Harrier, Cley, 25th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

A carbo Cormorant amongst the sinensis, North Scrape, Cley, 13th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

First-winter female Ring Ouzel and Blackbird, Glaven pigfields, Cley, 10th November 2012 (Richard Millington). 

First-winter Caspian Gull, North Scrape, Cley, 11th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Red-backed Shrike, Weybourne, 9th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Goldfinches, Cley, 8th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Reed Bunting, Cley, 7th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Long-tailed Ducks, Cley, 6th November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Leucistic Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Cley, 3rd November 2012 (Steve Gantlett). These two siblings now three years old have returned to Cley for another winter.

White-rumped Sandpipers, Pat's Pool, Cley, 31st October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). You wait all autumn, and then two come along at once!

Brambling, Cley, 31st October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). The first one at the feeder this autumn.

Siberian Chiffchaff, Cley, 29th October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). Like the waxwings, briefly in the Zetland House orchard late afternoon.


Great White Egret, Salthouse, 30th October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). This bird flew in from the east, lingered for a few minutes, and then continued eastwards over Blakeney Harbour.

Waxwing, Cley, 29th October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). One of two (or three) birds briefly in the Zetland House orchard late this afternoon.

Barred Warbler, Salthouse, 28th October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

Little Auk, Salthouse, 27th October 2012 (Steve Gantlett). 

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