First-winter White Ibis, Sevenoaks, Kent, 30th November 2014.


First-winter White Ibis, Sevenoaks, Kent, 29th November 2014.


Ring-necked Parakeet, Sevenoaks, Kent, 29th November 2014.


Otter, Cley, 29th November 2014. In the Main Cut west of the East Bank at 10.15am.


Merlin, Salthouse, 25th November 2014.


Wigeon, Salthouse, 25th November 2014. This odd-looking bird was on Cley reserve last winter.


Great Northern Diver, Salthouse, 25th November 2014.


Grey Seal, Salthouse, 25th November 2014.


Black Redstart, Weybourne Windmill, 22nd November 2014.


White-fronted, Pink-footed and Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Salthouse, 24th November 2014.


Grey Seal, Cley, 24th November 2014.


Hen Harrier, Salthouse, 22nd November 2014. This bird flew west over the marshes at 12.50.


Roe Deer, West Bexington, Dorset, 18th November 2014. In the field where the Little Bustard should have been....


Chiffchaff, Portland, Dorset, 17th November 2014. In the hedge where the Dusky Warbler had been....


Muntjac, Cley, 14th November 2014.


Black Brant with Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Eye Field, Cley, 12th November 2014.


Common Crane, Cley, 12th November 2014. Presumably the same wandering bird as yesterday; it again flew east over the reserve, at 10.20am.


Bittern, Cley, 12th November 2014. The first I have seen at Cley this year flew east over the East Bank at 9.50am and landed in the reedy ditch south of Arnold's Marsh.


Common Crane, Cley, 11th November 2014. It flew east over the reserve with Golden Plovers at 3.50pm.


Long-finned Pilot Whales, Salthouse, 10th November 2014 (photos by Steve & Sue Gantlett). First spotted a mile off the end of Cley East Bank by Sue at 11.45am, they swam east very slowly all afternoon, finally reaching Sheringham at dusk (4.40pm). Very difficult to count, I eventually made it 22, but some reckoned up to 28. The first ever live sighting for Norfolk! There have been seven records of dead strandings, the last on Scolt Head in 1992.


Desert Wheatear, Gorleston, Norfolk, 8th November 2014.


Desert Wheatear, Lowestoft, Suffolk, 8th November 2014.


Great White Egret, Holkham, Norfolk, 6th November 2014.


Little Auk, Cley, 6th November 2014.


Pallas's Warbler, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 5th November 2014. With a tit flock and showing well, not.


Little Auk, Cley, 5th November 2014.


Starlings, Cley, 3rd November 2014. Part of a murmuration of about 5,000 roosting right by the boardwalk this evening.


Little Auk, Salthouse, 3rd November 2014. Briefly circling over the end of the beach road with the Linnets and Twite!


Twite, Salthouse, 2nd November 2014.


Purple Sandpiper, Salthouse, 2nd November 2014.


Pallid Swift, Sheringham, Norfolk, 31st October 2014.


Long-tailed Duck, Salthouse, 31st October 2014.


Jay, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 31st October 2014.


Long-tailed Tit, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 31st October 2014 (photo by Sue Gantlett).


Grey Phalaropes, North Scrape, Cley, 29th October 2014.


Rough-legged Buzzard, Holkham Pines, Norfolk, 29th October 2014.


Ring Ouzel, Burnham Overy Dunes, Norfolk, 29th October 2014.


Salthouse, 28th October 2014. Also courtesy of Hurricane Gonzalo, the lowest point of the beach between Iron Road and East Bank is now about four feet higher - the fence posts at the lowest point have been completely buried.


Cley, 28th October 2014. We have long wanted a shingle island on North Scrape and on Arnold's Marsh. Now, courtesy of last week's Hurricane Gonzalo, we have got a new shingle island, but it's in the wrong place: between the two almost blocking the vital Main Cut. It needs removing!


Shore Lark, Cley, 28th October 2014.


Snow Bunting, Salthouse, 27th October 2014. Just four Snow Buntings are about at the moment, mobile along the beach between Little Eye and Iron Road.


Rock Pipit and Meadow Pipit, Cley, 27th October 2014.


Polecat corpse, Little Snoring, 26th October 2014 (Steve Gantlett). Is this roadkill (just west of Little Snoring village on the A148 at TF960320) Norfolk's first Polecat? Or could it be just a domestic Polecat-Ferret? Initially found at that spot by Eddie Myers on 23rd October, it is now in my freezer!


Wheatear, Cley, 26th October 2014.


Twite, Cley, 26th October 2014.


Stonechat, Cley, 24th October 2014.


Surf Scoter, Holkham Bay, Norfolk, 24th October 2014.


Lesser Canada Goose, Holkham, Norfolk, 23rd October 2014.


Black Redstart, Cley Church, 23rd October 2014.


Peregrine, Cley, 22nd October 2014. This bird was over the reserve in the afternoon.


Peregine, Cley, 22nd October 2014. This bird was over the reserve in the morning....


Pallas's Warbler, Cley, 20th October 2014. He's still here, but still very elusive (photo by Sue Gantlett).



Long-eared Owl, Walsey Hills, Cley, 19th October 2014 (photo by Sue Gantlett).






Pallas's Warbler, Cley, 18th October 2014.



Brambling, Cley, 18th October 2014.



Isabelline Shrike, Stiffkey, Norfolk, 17th October 2014.



Lesser Whitethroat, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 17th October 2014.



Weasel, Cley, 16th October 2014.



Grey Phalarope, Eye Pool, Cley, 16th October 2014.




Isabelline Shrike, Stiffkey, Norfolk, 16th October 2014.




Radde's Warbler, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 14th October 2014.



Redpoll, Burnham Overy Dunes, Norfolk, 14th October 2014.



Red-flanked Bluetail, Warham Greens, Norfolk, 13th October 2014.



Quizbird, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 12th October 2014. Answers by email please.



Yellow-browed Warbler, Walsey Hills, Cley, 11th October 2014.




Common Scoter, Cley, 11th October 2014.



Common Cranes, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, 10th October 2014.



Steppe Grey Shrike, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, 10th October 2014. He's still present, and coming closer....



Steppe Grey Shrike, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, 8th October 2014. He's still present, but not coming very close.



Tree Pipit, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 7th October 2014.







Steppe Grey Shrike, Burnham Norton, Norfolk, 5th October 2014.



Stonechat, Cley, 4th October 2014. Two males and a female were along Beach Road this morning.



Wheatear, Cley, Norfolk, 4th October 2014. One of seven along the beach this morning.



Grey Herons, Cley, 4th October 2014. Four apparent migrants in off the sea.



Cley, 4th October 2014. The birds may be less than spectacular at the moment, but there were some impressive clouds today as the first weather front for weeks passed through at midday.



Salthouse, 4th October 2014.



Red Kite, Wells Woods, Norfolk, 2nd October 2014. In contrast to last year, when double figures seemed to be all over the place, this is the first Red Kite I've seen in Norfolk for months. Presumably most of the rest have been slaughtered by the Stody Estate ( and their neighbour estate 'Guardians of the Countryside'. This one seems to have been shot at too.




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