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White morph and Intermediate/Blue morph Snow Geese and Pink-footed Geese, Morston, 30th December 2006 (Dave Curtis).  Several thousand Pink-footed Geese have been feeding in this harvested beet field or several days by far the largest numbers ever recorded in the Cley 10km square.  How nice of the Snow Geese to join them too!



Snow Bunting, Cley, 30th December 2006 (Matthew Rodgers). One of a dozen on the beach, looking very cryptic against the shingle.




Juvenile Black-eared Kite, Cley, 26th December 2006 (Steve Gantlett). A nice surprise: the bird from Lincolnshire and Snettisham has come to see us! Here photographed from Daukes Hide in the very dull light this afternoon. The flight photograph with a Marsh Harrier above is perhaps one of my second best; my best will appear in this month's Birding World.



Adult Black Brant, with Dark-bellied Brent Geese, Langham Airfield, 28th December 2006 (Eddie Myers). 



Adult blue morph Lesser Snow Goose, Morston, 23rd December 2006 (Mick Green).



Adult blue morph Lesser Snow Goose, Morston, 23rd December 2006 (Steve Gantlett). At last, a real Snow Goose in the Cley 10km square! This bird, wandered over from Holkham,  spent the day with about 2,000 Pink-footed Geese in a beet field between Morston and Langham.



Female Common Scoters, Cley, 18th December 2006 (Steve Gantlett). About 2,500 were estimated in this raft off Coastguards - almost every one was female.



Red-throated Diver, Cley, 18th December 2006 (Steve Gantlett). About 200 were offshore from the Coastguards, scattered as far as the eye could see.




Juvenile Arctic Skuas, Cley, 12th December 2006 (Steve Gantlett). These two are lingering off Cley and Salthouse at the moment, along with several hundred Razorbills and almost as many Guillemots and Red-throated Divers, plus a few Great Northern Divers and quite a few seals. Clearly there are plenty of fish here just now.



Male Common Teal, Whitwell Scrape, Cley, 3rd December 2006 (Eddie Myers).



Male Tufted Duck, Simmond's Scrape, Cley, 3rd December 2006 (Eddie Myers).



Male Stonechat, Cley, 26th November 2006 (Eddie Myers). 



Female Stonechat, Cley, 26th November 2006 (Eddie Myers).



Goosander, Blakeney Quay, 23rd November 2006 (Steve Gantlett).

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Barn Owl, Salthouse, 23rd November 2006 (John Miller).



Snow Bunting, Salthouse, 21st November 2006 (John Miller).



Spotted Redshank, Arnold's Marsh, Cley, 19th November 2006 (Eddie Myers).



Shore Lark, Cley, 19th November 2006 (Eddie Myers).



Shore Lark, Cley, 19th November 2006 (Rob Lee). One of 13 which spent much of the day just west of Coastguards.



Male Stonechat, Cley, 17th November 2006 (Steve Gantlett). 



Spotted Redshank, Cley, 17th November 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Marsh Harrier, Cley, 9th November 2006 (Peter Simpson). A striking, dark individual.



Woodcock, Cley, 4th November 2006 (Julian Bhalerao). This bird came in off the sea and pitched on the beach at birders' feet for a few minutes at 10.00am. It was then almost run over by a passing tractor!



Little Auk, Salthouse, 4th November 2006 (Peter Beesley).



Purple Sandpiper, Salthouse, 3rd November 2006 (Rob Lee).




Black-tailed Godwit, Salthouse, 2nd November 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Juvenile Glaucous Gull, Cley, 2nd November 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  This bird, wrecked by yesterday's north-westerly, with numerous Black-headed and other gulls as well as the Little Auks, lingered off the Coastguards for a few minutes before heading west at about 9.00am.



Little Auks, Cley Coastguards, 1st November 2006 (Steve Gantlett). In the strong west-northwesterly, about 25 flew west between 2.45 and 3.30pm, and one small flock flew east.



Kittiwakes, Cley Coastguards, 1st November 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Male Black Redstart, Blakeney Point, 15th October 2006 (Richard Porter).




Continental Robin, Blakeney Point, 14th October 2006 (Richard Porter).



Pied Flycatcher, Blakeney Point, 19th August 2006 (Richard Porter). The first of the autumn.



Adult Black Brant, Cley, 27th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett). This adult has been frequenting the Eye Field with up to about 700 Dark-bellied Brent Geese for a couple of days now. 



Garganey, Cley, 22nd October 2006 (Eddie Myers). On Pat's Pool, from Bishop Hide. 



Short-eared Owl, Blakeney Point, 17th October 2006 (Richard Porter). Coming in off the sea at the Marrams: one of the species that could be badly affected by the proposed windfarm off Cley.



Peregrine, Cley, 22nd October 2006 (Craig Shaw). This bird landed briefly at the back of Simmond's Scrape, after flushing all the waders, including the White-rumped Sandpiper(s).



Egyptian Goose, Salthouse, 17th October 2006 (David Tipling).



Long-tailed Duck, Salthouse, 16th October 2006 (David Tipling).



Barn Owl, Blakeney, 13th October 2006 (David Tipling).



Gadwall, Cley, 4th October 2006 (David Tipling).  




Pallas's Warbler, Salthouse, 17th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  As I walked back from not seeing the reported Shore Lark, this was a very pleasant surprise on the beach just east of Salthouse Beach carpark. Next day, it performed superbly all day to the crowds at Gramborough Hill.



Common Redstart, Blakeney Point, 14th October 2006 (Matthew Rodgers).



Red-throated Diver, Salthouse, 14th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett). A late, summer-plumaged bird close in the surf off Gramborough Hill.



Shore Lark, Salthouse, 14th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett). An early arrival.



Juvenile White-rumped Sandpiper, Salthouse, 11th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  This superbly confiding and popular bird spent several days on the pools immediately to the west of Salthouse Beach carpark.



Cattle Egret, Blakeney Fresh Marsh, 11th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Brambling, Cley Beach, 11th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Juvenile Red-backed Shrike, Stiffkey Fen, 7th October 2006 (Mick Green). The same bird as below, but on a sunny morning.



Juvenile Red-backed Shrike, Stiffkey Fen, 6th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Another one just outside the Cley square.....



Juvenile Arctic Skua, Cley, 5th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Guillemot, Cley, 5th October 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Common Wheatear, Cley Beach, 30th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Dunlin, Salthouse, 28th September 2006 (Peter Beesley).



Common Wheatear, Salthouse, 17th September 2006 (David Tipling).




Little Stints, Salthouse, 17th September 2006 (David Tipling).



Juvenile Little Stint, Salthouse, 18th September 2006 (John Miller).



Wryneck, Halfway House, Blakeney Point, 16th September 2006 (Matthew Rodgers).



Garden Warbler, Blakeney Point, 16th September 2006 (Matthew Rodgers).



Wryneck, Stiffkey, 16th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett). This popular and exceptionally confiding bird was at almost exactly the same spot as the Rosefinch of four days previously.



Juvenile Red-backed Shrike, Kelling Quag, 13th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Great Skua, Cley, 13th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  The pitifully oiled Bonxie was constantly preening on Simmond's Scrape.



Common Rosefinch, Stiffkey, 12th September 2006 (Sue Gantlett). Well, if not actually in it, it was within sight of the Cley 10km square.



Grey Phalarope, west of Cley Coastguards, 10th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett). This delightful bird spent the entire afternoon lingering very close to shore.



Juvenile Black Tern, off Salthouse, 5th Sept 2006 (Mick Green).



Kingfisher, Cley, 6th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett). So, very, very occasionally, Kingfishers do perch on the twin posts in front of Daukes Hide.



Arctic Skua, Salthouse, 4th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Juvenile Common Tern, Salthouse, 4th September 2006 (Steve Gantlett).



Male Kestrel, Cley, 3rd September 2006 (John Miller).  From Daukes Hide.



Pectoral Sandpiper, Simmond's Scrape, Cley, 3rd September 2006 (John Miller). Taken with a 500mm lens plus 1.4 and 2 times converters!



Purple Sandpiper (juvenile), Salthouse, 1st September 2006 (Pat Wileman). This obliging little bird came so close that I couldn't focus through the telescope.



Juvenile Whimbrel, Cley, 27th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  This beautiful fresh juvenile dropped onto the near edge of Pat's Pool for just a minute, before realising its mistake (wrong habitat) and continuing on to the west.



Little Grebe with chick, Cley, 25th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). At last the pair in the Catchwater Drain have produced some young this year - two.



Sparrowhawk, Pat's Pool, Cley, 23rd August 2006 (Pat Wileman).  After flushing all the birds on Pat's Pool it then settled down to eat its prey which we couldn't identify.


Red-throated Diver, Cley 21st August 2006 (Pat Wileman).  This summer plumage bird was lingering close inshore behind Arnold's Marsh but made photographing it difficult by living up to its name and frequently diving!


Common Sandpipers, Cley, 20th August 2006 (Pat Wileman).  These were 5 from a flock of 9 that flew in from the east and landed on this small island in the brackish pools near the entrance to North Hide.



Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull, Simmond's Scrape, 17th August 2006 (Richard Millington). One of 25 michahellis at the pre-roost gathering.



White Pelican over Salthouse, 16th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). It then flew west over Cley and landed in Blakeney Harbour.



Caspian Gull, Wiveton, 15th August 2006 (Richard Millington). This first-summer bird has also been putting in regular late evening appearances on Simmond's Scrape.



Juvenile Puffin, Cley Coastguards, 12th August (Mark Golley). Seen swimming east just offshore, but plainly exhausted; it ended up on the beach, and sadly succumbed.



Juvenile Yellow-legged Gull and Lapwings, Simmonds Scrape, 10th August (Richard Millington). Up to 30 michahellis have been visiting the reserve in recent days.



Adult Yellow-legged Gull, Glaven Valley, 10th August (Richard Millington). In active primary moult.




Swallows, Cley, 13th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). They have had another good breeding season at Cley Coastguards.



Tree Sparrow, Cley, 9th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). At the feeder at Sea Lawn.



Female Reed Bunting, Cley, 8th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Beside the East Bank.



Garganeys, Cley, 7th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). On Pat's Pool.



Grey Heron, Cley, 6th August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). From Daukes Hide.



Sedge Warbler, Cley, 5th August 2006 (Peter Simpson).



Reed Warbler, Cley, 5th August 2006 (Peter Simpson).



Adult Mediterranean Gull, from Bishop Hide, mid afternoon 5th August 2006 (Matthew Rodgers). A 'common gull' nowadays, but still worth studying every time.

Second-summer Caspian Gull, Salthouse, 4th August 2006 (Richard Millington). The third cachinnans in the square this week.

First-summer Caspian Gull, Wiveton/Edgefield, 3rd August (Tom Lowe). Found at the pig-fields near Wiveton Downs, then relocated later in the day at Edgefield Tip.

Juvenile Marsh Harrier, Cley, Norfolk, 3rd August 2006 (Steve Gantlett).  At least 11 juveniles have fledged on the reserve this summer - a record!

Curlew, Letheringsett, 3rd August 2006 (Richard Millington). The bill on this juvenile bird is typically rather short ... it still has plenty of growing to do.

Gannets, Cley, 3rd August 2006 (Richard Millington).

Woodpigeon, Cley, 2nd August 2006 (Richard Millington). Having a shower.

Roseate Tern, Arnold's Marsh, 2nd August 2006 (Pat Wileman).   

Second-summer Caspian Gull (left!), Cley, 1st August 2006 (Steve Gantlett).

Black Swan, Cley, 1st August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Blackie takes a shower in front of Daukes.

Little Egret, Cley, 1st August 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Another bird on Whitwell Scrape!

Green Sandpiper, Cley, 31st July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Like the Common Sandpiper below, briefly quite close on Whitwell Scrape. 

Spoonbills, Cley, 30th July 2006 (Steve Gantlett).

Water Rail chick, Cley, 29th July 2006 (Richard Millington). This little critter appeared just as the sun was setting. Although still fluffy and wingless, it seemed quite independent.

Common Sandpiper, Cley, 29th July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Whitwell Scrape continues to be bafflingly poor for birds, but the occasional wader visits it, and this was right in front of the hide, briefly.

Wood Sandpiper, Cley, 27th July 2006 (John Miller). 

Bearded Tit, Cley, 25th July 2006 (Pat Wileman). This male posed nicely just outside Bishop Hide one morning. Families of Bearded Tits have been showing well on warm, still mornings recently.

Spoonbills, Cley, 24th July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Four of the gang of six over East Bank in the evening.

Black-tailed Godwit, Pat's Pool, 23rd July 2006 (Pat Wileman). Juvenile of nominate race (limosa). This form is unusual at Cley as virtually all individuals seen here are of the race islandica.

Green Sandpiper, Cley, 22nd July 2006 (Peter Simpson).

Black-tailed Godwit, Cley, 22nd July 2006 (Peter Simpson).

Spoonbills, Cley, 22nd July 2006 (Peter Simpson).

Spoonbills, Pat's Pool, Cley, 22nd July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). Five of the gang of six. One of them had walked off at this point, but it is good to see them using the reserve more again this summer, after a gap of some years in which the species put in just fleeting appearances. It is also good to see them with their heads up occasionally!

Juvenile Little Ringed Plover, Cley, 8th July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). After the first blank spring on the reserve for many years, at last some LRPs have arrived in the last few days. This bird was on Whitwell Scrape, quite close to the hide in the early in the morning.

Adult female Red-necked Phalarope, Arnold's Marsh, Cley, 5th July 2006 (Steve Gantlett). This bird twice visited Arnold's Marsh during the day, once at around 9.00am and once at around midday, but for only a few minutes on each occasion.

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