Adult Roseate Terns, Arnold's Marsh, Cley, 30th June 2007 (Matthew Rodgers).


Adult Roseate Tern, with Sandwich Terns and Common Terns, Cley, 30th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). One of three adult Roseate Terns which frequented the back of Arnold's Marsh over the weekend.


Juvenile Little Egrets, Cley, 30th June 2007 (Andy Booth).


Adult Little Egret, Whitwell Scrape, Cley, 28th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett).

Adult White-winged Black Tern, Cley, 26th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This gorgeous (if rather mobile) bird appeared on the reserve today in dreadful weather conditions: a near gale-force northwesterly with heavy showers.

Kestrel, Cley, 25th June 2007 (Richard Millington). When it is calm at Cley, switching on the big fan can generate a nice stiff breeze for the local Kestrel to hover on.


Mute Swan family with 'Polish' juvenile, Cley, 26th June 2007 (Mick Green).


'Polish' juvenile Mute Swan, Cley, 21st June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This white morph juvenile is on and around Pat's Pool with its parents and three normal-coloured siblings.


Adult Mediterranean Gull, Cley, 17th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This fine adult has been visiting the Glavenside floods for the last three days.


Female Red-backed Shrike, Friary Hills, Blakeney, 15th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). The long-stayer - present since at least 6th June - is still here.


Juvenile Redshank, Arnold's Marsh, Cley, 15th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Despite the seven-week-long drought of early spring, the Redshanks seem to have had another good breeding season at Cley. This bird has just fledged.


Male Pintail, Pat's Pool, Cley, 15th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This unusual summer bird is lingering on (and beside) Pat's Pool, but is now rapidly moulting into eclipse plumage.


Spotted Redshank, Cley, 11th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). But two Spotted Redshanks are on Pat's Pool today too, so it is autumn today.


Curlew Sandpipers, Cley, 11th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Five Curlew Sandpipers, three Dunlin and 25 Tundra Ringed Plovers are on Pat's Pool today, so it is still very much spring.


Shelducks, Cley, 7th June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). The Shelducks Christen the new North Hide as the weather continues in a dismal vein.


Male Red-backed Shrike, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 6th June 2007 (John Furse).


Female Red-backed Shrike, Friary Hills, Blakeney, 6th June 2007 (John Furse).


Booted Warbler, Blakeney Point a few hundred yards before Halfway House, 2nd June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Singing occasionally and showing occasionally, but mostly elusive in the suaeda!


Booted Warbler, Blakeney Point a few hundred yards before Halfway House, 2nd June 2007 (Steve Gantlett). The first for the Cley 10km square, found by James Gilroy. Thank you James!


Meadow Pipit, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 25th May 2007 (John Furse).


Male Gadwall and chicks, Cley, 31st May 2007 (Phil Vines).


Black Tern, Stiffkey Fen, 29th May 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Well, it's almost in the Cley square.


Arctic Skua, Blakeney Point, 29th May 2007 (Steve Gantlett).

Gannets, Cley, 27th May 2007 (Steve Gantlett). As well as the Manx Shearwaters, Gannets (and Fulmars and Kittiwakes) were heading east too.

Manx Shearwaters, Cley, 27th May 2007 (Steve Gantlett). In conditions typical of late spring Bank Holiday - a strong north-easterly and driving rain - Manx Shearwaters headed east past the Coastguards at a rate of about 100 per hour all afternoon.


Temminck's Stint, Cley, 21st May 2007 (Phil Vines).


Common Tern, Pat's Pool, Cley, 18th May 2007 (Phil Vines).


Male Ring Ouzel, Friary Hills, Blakeney, 5th May 2007 (John Furse). Apparently a total of 18 Ring Ouzels have been seen at Friary Hills this spring.


Ruff, Pat's Pool, Cley, 3rd May 2007 (Phil Vines).


Ruff, Cley, 2nd May 2007 (Steve Gantlett). There are very few migrant waders about at the moment, but this Ruff (one of just seven on Pat's Pool) is coming into summer plumage.

Bar-tailed Godwits, Cley, 1st May 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Up to a dozen have been feeding voraciously on the Eye Pool for the past couple of days.

Avocet, Bishop Hide, Cley, 30th April 2007 (Ernie Janes).


Common Cranes, Cley Coastguards, 29th April 2007 (John Furse).


Adult Little Gull, Salthouse Beach Carpark, 28th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett).


Grey Heron, Bishop Hide, Cley, Norfolk, 25th April 2007 (Ernie Janes).


Presumed first-summer male Grey-headed Wagtail, Salthouse, 25th April 2007 (John Furse). 


Male Yellow Wagtail, Cley, 24th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). No cows about, but eight of these beauties were along the beach this afternoon, along with a Channel Wagtail and five White Wagtails. For a discussion of Channel Wagtail (photo below), see this month's Birding World.


First-summer Spoonbills, Cley, 24th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). These two appeared by Arnold's Marsh last night, but were briefly on Whitwell Scrape and then on Pat's Pool today.


Male Channel Wagtail, Kelling, 23rd April 2007 (Dave Curtis). In the past, this bird would probably have been considered a 'Blue-headed Wagtail'. A detailed article on 'Channel Wagtail' appears in this month's Birding World.


Male Common Whitethroat, Salthouse Heath, 23rd April 2007 (Steve Gantlett).


Black Kite, Cley, 22nd April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This bird was first found over Dead Man's Wood, Sheringham, mid morning, then showed well by the A148 over Pretty Corner Woods before finally flying right across Cley reserve and disappearing west over the West Bank at 12.30pm.


Adult Little Gull, Salthouse, 22nd April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This gorgeous bird - surely the same individual - today reappeared at Salthouse Beach Carpark for its third successive spring.


Golden Plovers, Salthouse, 19th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Two of four lovely summer-plumaged Goldies east of Salthouse Beach Road this afternoon.


Chiffchaff, Salthouse Heath, 19th April (Phil Vines).


Willow Warbler, Salthouse Heath, 19th April (Phil Vines).


Stock Dove, Salthouse, 18th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett).


Male Marsh Harrier, Pat's Pool, Cley, 17th April 2007 (Pat Wileman). This bird dropped down, scattered all the Avocets including sitting birds and proceeded to have their eggs for breakfast.


Swallow, Cley, 17th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). In some pleasant calm and sunny weather, two pairs are newly arrived back at Coastguards.


Male Kestrel, Cley, 17th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). On the poles beside the West Bank, and watched taking a Common Lizard.


Little Ringed Plover, Cley, 16th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This delightful migrant arrived on the Eye Pool this afternoon.


Male Gadwall, Cley, 15th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). From Daukes' Hide.


Male Kestrel, Cley, 12th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Hovering beside the East Bank.


Male Ring Ouzel, Salthouse, 12th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett).


Male Ring Ouzel with Rooks, Salthouse, 11th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). One of about ten around the Cley area today, although most have been rather elusive.


Marsh Harrier, Cley, 11th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett).  Bitterns may not be booming at Cley (or even present) but Marsh Harriers are: at least nine 'sky dancers' were over the reserve today.


Shelduck, Bishop Hide, Cley, 2nd April 2007 (Ernie Janes).


Male Pochard, Cley, 31st March 2007 (Glyn Herrieven).


Tufted Ducks, Cley, 4th April 2007 (Steve Gantlett). This pair were in the Catchwater Drain, just west of the East Bank.

Male Marsh Harrier, Cley, 2nd April 2007 (Phil Vines).
Song Thrush, Blakeney Point, 1st April 2007 (Matthew Rodgers).
Displaying Oystercatchers, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 1st April 2007 (Matthew Rodgers).
Adult Glaucous Gull, Cley, 27th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). It reappeared on the tideline north of the North Hide and slowly worked its way towards Coastguards, chomping on numerous Pipefish all the way.
Black-tailed Godwit, Cley, 27th March 2007 (Phil Vines). This fine summer-plumaged bird was on Pat's Pool.
Adult Mediterranean Gull, Cley, 25th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). The weather improved, the Glaucous Gull moved on, but a pair of adult summer Med Gulls were along the beach.
Adult Glaucous Gull, Cley, 25th March 2007 (Eddie Myers). An early lunch on the beach, and then it disappeared....
Male Pied Wagtail, Cley, 25th March 2007 (Sue Gantlett). Taken with a digital SLR and the trusty old Tamron 500 dusted down from the cupboard.
Gulls, Cley, 23rd March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). The adult Glaucous Gull of two days ago is still about, and there are plenty more gulls off the Coastguards in the cold NE wind just now.
Adult Glaucous Gull, Cley, 21st March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). Found by Mark Golley, the best product of the previous day's near gale (see 'Windmills & Skies' page).
Adult male Stonechat, Kelling Heath, 15th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett).
Juvenile Glaucous Gull, Salthouse, 9th March 2007 (Dave Curtis).
Shore Lark, Cley, 8th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). One of the wintering nine, today along the beach by the back of Arnold's Marsh.
Female Stonechat, Little Eye, Salthouse, 8th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett).
Avocet, Cley, 8th March 2007 (Steve Gantlett). It's spring here at Cley today and the first Avocets have already claimed their territories.

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