Birding World on DVD

Birding World on DVD – and also available on flash drive 

All 26 Volumes of
Birding World
 (1988 - 2013) – plus Twitching (1987) – are now available on a single DVD in digital format for viewing on Computers, Tablets and Smartphones.


Each volume (12 issues per annum) is presented on the DVD as an individual pdf file. Making Birding World available digitally in pdf format provides the maximum flexibility for users: there is no need for special software or an ‘app’ to be installed. Birding World content can be viewed on your computer, tablet and smartphone.


This digital archive of back copies (324 issues in total) is an essential birding reference. Individual files can easily be customised for personal use with Adobe Acrobat (such as isolating and saving identification articles on species of particular interest to be kept separately, eg on a smartphone), but the complete 3.6GB (all 27 volumes) should fit easily on any modern smartphone.

Two Indexes are provided in pdf format: one a comprehensive Index and one a quick-search Index of all the main articles. The pdf files (Vol 7 onwards) are also fully searchable for all article titles, headings, subheadings, authors’ names and all captions text (and therefore all photographs) using standard pdf search facilities. Similarly, articles of particular interest can be bookmarked.

In addition to all the single volumes, the latest 11 volumes of Birding World (Volumes 16-26) are provided as one fully searchable pdf, suitable for use on faster computers.

The older volumes have been converted from non-digital originals and do not appear of such high quality as the later volumes.


The contents of this DVD are subject to Copyright restrictions and are for single personal use only.


The cost of the DVD is just 85.00 (p&p free UK; other destinations add 3.00 per item).

Anyone who has already purchased the Vol 1-25 DVD may purchase a special Update DVD covering Volume 26 for just 10 (p&p free UK; other destinations add 3.00 per item).


If your computer or tablet does not have a DVD Drive but has a USB Socket, the whole contents can be supplied on a flash-drive instead of a DVD for an additional 5.00.


To purchase, email Steve Gantlett direct at .



The pdfs on all versions of the Birding World DVD are fully compatible with Windows 10. For a few people, there was an issue with accessing the pdfs, as discs purchased before 2016 were not opening in early versions of Windows 10, but this bug in Windows 10 has now been fixed. However, to avoid any potential problems with earlier discs, it is recommended to copy all of the contents of the disc to other media (eg a flash drive) before upgrading to Windows 10.



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