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Volume 1

Vol.1 No.1 Little Bustard in Dorset, Red-breasted Goose in Norfolk, Little Auk passage in late autumn 1987, An Eastern experience - Mai Po Marshes, Hong Kong, Tales of a birder in West Africa, Recent birdwatching in Kuwait.

Vol.1 No.2 The Welches Dam Acrocephalus Warbler, Unspecific Golden Plover in Avon, Glossy and Puna Ibis, Australian twitching, Texas, April 1987.

Vol.1 No.3 Ross's Gull in Cornwall and Devon, Glaucous Gulls - their regular wintering localities in the UK, Canary and Madeira Islands, Tunisia and Morocco, Venezuela.

Vol.1 No.4 Little Bittern in Sussex, Rock Thrush in Dorset, Black Stork in Devon, Sunbirders in Eilat, March 1988, Alpine Swifts during Spring 1988, Red Kites during Spring 1988, Recent birdwatching in Kuwait.

Vol.1 No.5 Moussier's Redstart in Dyfed - a new British bird, Daurian Redstart in Fife - a new Western Palearctic bird, Caspian Plover on Scilly, Greater Sand Plover in Devon, Black-eared Wheatear in Sussex, Birding Hungary, Slender-billed Curlews at Merja Zerga during winter 1987-88.

Vol.1 No.6 Pallas's Rosefinch on Orkney - a new British bird, Needle-tailed Swift on Orkney, Paddyfield Warbler in Suffolk, Black-winged Pratincole in Avon, Birding Florida - part I, Black-headed Wagtail in Oxfordshire, Subalpine Warblers during Spring 1988, Photopage: Caspian Plover.

Vol.1 No.7 Bridled Tern on Anglesey, Caspian Plover in Lothian, Northern Mockingbird in Essex, South Polars pose problems, Cox's, Cooper's or hybrids? Relict Gulls in China, Birding Florida - part II, Orland to Sanibel Island, Photopage: Pratincoles, Greater Sand Plover in Cumbria.

Vol.1 No.8 The new approach to identification 1, Identification of Blyth's Pipit, Identification of Icterine and Melodious Warblers, Locating Pittas in Thailand and Peninsula Malaysia, Matsudaira's Petrel off Cornwall - a new British bird, Least Sandpiper in Worcestershire.

Vol.1 No.9 Laughing Gull in Somerset, Sociable Plover in Northamptonshire, Identification of Olivaceous and Booted Warblers, Caspian Terns in Britain in 1988, African Spoonbill in Majorca, birding Florida - part III, Recent birdwatching in Kuwait, A birder in Egypt.

Vol.1 No.10 Seabirding aboard the Chalice in 1988, Cape Gannets in Britain? The new approach to identification: Part 2, Blackburnian Warbler on Fair Isle - a new Western Palearctic bird, Isabelline Wheatear on Scilly, Oriental Pratincole in Kent - the second British record.

Vol.1 No.11 Waxwings during autumn 1989, American Pipit on Scilly, Indigo Bunting in Norfolk, The new approach to identification: Part 3, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in County Cork, Blyth's Pipit on Fair Isle, Whiskered Tern in Norfolk.

Vol.1 No.12 The new approach to identification: Part 4, Hybrid Duck resembling Baikal Teal in Norfolk, Birding the Ivory Coast - part 1.

Volume 2

Vol.2 No.1 American Robin in Grampian, The new approach to identification: Part 5, Birding the Ivory Coast - part 2, Laying down the law, Camper Birding, Finding Dupont's Lark in Morocco and Spain, More Dunn's Larks.

Vol.2 No.2 Golden-winged Warbler in Kent - a new Western Palearctic bird, Double-crested Cormorant - a new Western Palearctic bird, Snowy Egrets on the Azores - a new Western Palearctic bird, Racial identification of wintering Chiffchaffs, The new approach to identification: Part 6, Lesser Scaup in Armagh.

Vol.2 No.3 Northern Oriole in Dyfed, The Portland Pipit - Britain's third Blyth's? Problem Nightingales, The new approach to identification: Part 7, Seawatching at Strumble Head - the best seawatching in Wales? Identification of Little Whimbrel.

Vol.2 No.4 Thayer's Gull in Galway - a new Western Palearctic bird, Desert Wheater in London, The new approach to identification: Part 8, Finding the owls in Sweden, Glossy Ibis - new for old? Fuerteventura Specials, Cape May, USA autumn birding.

Vol.2 No.5 Identification of Egyptian and Nubian Nightjars, Identification of Upcher's and Olivaceous Warbler, Baillon's Crake in Tyne and Wear, White-cheeked Tern in Kent - a new British Bird, The Portland Pipit, a personal assessment, The new approach to identification: Part 8, Stronsay rediscovered.

Vol.2 No.6 The new approach to identification: Part 10, Birding Hotspots: Cape Clear, Finding birds at Khartoum, Relict Gulls in Japan, Birding The Gambia.

Vol.2 No.7 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater in Humberside, Pacific Golden Plover in Norfolk, Looking more closely at Dunlins, Watching Raptors at Falsterbo.

Vol.2 No.8 Identification of Pechora Pipit, Pterodroma petrels in Madeira, The dark-rumped petrels in Tyne and Wear, English bird-name changes.

Vol.2 No.9 Photopage: Green-backed Herons, Great Knot in Shetland - a new British bird, The difficulties of Reed, Marsh and Blyth's Reed Warbler identification, Computer bird records, Geographical variation in Royal Terns, ageing of White-winged Black Terns.

Vol.2 No.10 Red-breasted Nutchatch in Norfolk - a new British bird, The Saltholme sandpiper, Identification of a dark Long-tailed Skua.

Vol.2 No.11 Nile Valley Sunbird, Red-rumped and Red-tailed Wheatears in Israel, Plumage features of a hybrid juvenile Lesser Crested x Sandwich Tern, Citrine Wagtail identification, Mourning Dove, Birding the Venezuelan Llanos, Sunbird to Kenya.

Vol.2 No.12 Dark-eyed Junco in Dorset, Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler in Northumberland, Birding Hotspots: Bardsey, Photopage: Great Grey Shrike, Birding the Falklands, Twitching the Amsterdam Wallcreeper, the Hadoram experience, Silhouette - trim.

Volume 3

Vol.3 No.1 Steppe Buzzard plumages, Identification of Dunn's, Bar-tailed and Desert Larks; The Leach's Petrel influx, Seabirds off the Canary and Salvage Islands.

Vol.3 No.2 Naumann's Thrush in London, Great Snipe in Poland, Cygnus to Ethiopia, Red-breasted Nuthatch, Mourning Dove - a new Western Palearctic bird, Kinabulu, Borneo.

Vol.3 No.3 The Big Waters Bunting, Identification of female Pine Bunting, Thayer's Gull in County Cork, Travel tips: British Mainland - Southern Ireland, Herring Gulls resembling Thayer's, Ameican Herring Gulls in Ireland, Birding Hot-spots - Dungeness, Gabel Asfar, Egypt's premier birdwatching site.

Vol.3 No. 4 Investigative Ornithology, the ultimate birding experience: Kenya part 1, White-crowned Black Wheatear, Portfolio: Martin Elliott, Great-spotted Cuckoos in Spring 1990.

Vol.3 No.5 Yellow-headed Blackbird on Fair Isle, Pallas's Sandgrouse in Shetland, Alpine Accentor on the Isle of Wight, Identification of Pallid Swift, The ultimate birding experience: Kenya part 2, Temminck's Stint.

Vol.3 No. 6 Least Tern in East Sussex - a new Western Palearctic bird, Tree Swallow on Scilly - a new Western Palearctic bird, The Pribilof Islands: birding in the Bering Sea, White-throated Robin on Skokholm, Ardeola Herons, Ancient Murrelet on Lundy - a new Western Palearctic bird, PJ Grant 1943-1990, Birding Hot-spots: Great Haldon Forest raptors.

Vol.3 No. 7 White-cheeked Tern identification, The Cley Calidris, Mediterranean Gulls at Folkestone, Birding Hot-spots: Ile de Ouessant, Grey Phalarope.

Vol.3 No. 8 Two-barred Crossbills in the Northern Isles, Identification of Hippolais warblers, Twelve predictions for the British list, Eastern Yellow Wagtails, Separating Radde's and Dusky Warblers.

Vol.3 No.9 Yellow-throated Vireo in Cornwall - a new Western Palearctic bird, Long-toed Stint in the Wetern Isles, Birding Hot-spots: Flamborough Head.

Vol.3 No.10 Lazuli Bunting in Cornwall, Parrot Crossbill variation, A question of approach, Portfolio: Nik Borrow, Black Bush Robin, Melodious Warbler.

Vol. 3 No.11 Blyth's Pipit in Cornwall, The Dungeness Short-toed Treecreeper, Yellow Warbler in Shetland, Chestnut-flanked White-eye - a new British bird? Dark-chanting Goshawk in Morocco, Great Knot, Hurghada: a Western Palearctic Hot-spot.

Vol. 3 No.12 The Shetland seabird disaster: A Fair Isle perspective, The problems of escapes and potential vagrants, Abu Simbel: the Western Palearctic-African connection, The British list and rare birds in the eighties.

Volume 4

Vol.4 No.1 Identification of Little and Rustic Buntings, The status of Red-headed Bunting, From the archives: setting the scene, Britain's top listers, The Sandhill Crane in Shetland, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler identification: some new field characters, Gulf fires and migrant birds.

Vol.4 No.2 Identification of Double-crested Cormorant, Firecrest, Identification forum: Arctic Redpoll, 1990: the birding highlights, Lesser Scaup in Dumfries and Galloway, Snowy Owl in Lincolnshire.

Vol.4 No.3 The Thayer's-type Gull at Ayr, The rise and fall of Thayer's Gull, The Birding World lists, Hybrid migration, Birding in the Baltic: Holmoarna and Stora Fjaderagg.

Vol.4 No.4 Identification forum: Royal, Lesser Crested and Elegant Terns, The Blue-cheeked Bee-eater by any other name, The Ibisbill, Rare birds of China, The Ross's Goose in Grampian, The Ancient Murrelet returns to Lundy, Visiting Lundy.

Vol.4 No.5 The position of Lark Sparrow on the British List, Birding in and around New York City, The age of birds, Spoon-billed Sandpiper, The Status of Red-crested Pochard.

Vol.4 No.6 Identification of American and Pacific Golden Plovers, Spring Citrine and Yellow Wagtails, The new order in Ornithology? A special double review.

Vol.4 No.7 Identification of Aquatic Warbler in autumn, Beidaihe: an Eastern Palearctic hotspot, Identification of Semipalmated Plover: a new feature.

Vol.4 No.8 Field identification of Brown, Siberian and Grey-streaked Flycatchers, Identification of juvenile Long-toed Stint and Least Sandpiper, Birding Hot-spots: West Cornwall, Migration watching in the Pyreness, The mystery petrels of Tyneside.

Vol.4 No.9 The Grey-headed Gull in Hertfordshire, The Harlequin Duck in Highland, The American Bittern in Lancashire, Field identification of Parrot Crossbill, Identification forum: Two-barred Crossbill, The Capercaillie in Scotland, The Cranes of Broadland.

Vol.4 No.10 Red Kite re-introduction project, Forum response: crossbill identification, The Birds of Estuaries Enquiry, The Desert Warbler at Flamborough Head, Separation of Canvasback and Redhead from Pochard.

Vol.4 No.11 Little-known West Palearctic birds: Cinerous Bunting, The Mugimaki Flycatcher in Humberside, The Greater Sand Plover on the Don Estuary, Grampian, Further comments on the identification of sand plovers, The Chimney Swift at St.Andrews, Fife, Splitting and lumping in the Soviet Union.

Vol.4 No.12 Identification of Lesser Short-toed Lark, 1991: a review of the birding year, The Birding World Bird Painting of the Year 1991, The Pacific Golden Plover at Cley, Norfolk, Seawatching from Cape Verde, Senegal.

Volume 5

Vol.5 No.1 Short-toed Treecreeper identification, Birding Arctic Norway, Armenian Gull, Western Palearctic Year 1991.

Vol.5 No.2 Rufous Turtle Dove identification, Black Scoter identification, Black Grouse at the Lek, Birding in Arabia, The Yemen, The threatened Saunder's Gull of East Asia, Black Woodpecker, a lost British bird.

Vol.5 No.3 Long-tailed and Pomarine Skua passage, Snowy Owl plumages, Identification forum: Large falcons, Scops and Striated Scops Owl, Birding the Spanish steppes.

Vol.5 No.4 Pine Grosbeak in Shetland, Birding Hotspots: Fair Isle, Birding in the Netherlands: Flevoland, Finding Algerian Nuthatch.

Vol.5 No.5 Pied-billed Grebe in Oxfordshire, Lesser Short-toed Lark in Dorset - a new British bird, Spectacled Warbler in Yorkshire - a new British bird, Birding in Turkey, From the archives: Ruby-crowned Kinglet on Loch Lomondside.

Vol.5 No.6 Marmora's Warbler in Humberside, White-throated Sparrow in Suffolk, Red-fronted Serin in Suffolk, Ageing and sexing Ortolan and Cretzschmar's Buntings, Finding Hungary's speciality birds.

Vol.5 No.7 Brown Flycatcher on Fair Isle - a new British bird, Identification forum: South Polar Skua, Photoforum: Wallcreepers, Birding in the Gulf: Bahrain.

Vol.5 No.8 Red-necked Stint in Norfolk, Identification of Moustached Warbler, Identification of Vireos in Britain and Europe, Possible hybrid Ring-billed x Common Gull, The best birding in Sweden: Oland and Ottenby.

Vol.5 No.9 Ruppell's Warbler in Norfolk, Western Sandpiper in County Wexford, Streaked Shearwaters in Israel - a new Western Palearctic bird, Identification of Siberian Stonechat, Watching Siberian Migrants.

Vol.5 No.10 Siberian Thrush in Orkney, Hooded Warbler on St. Kilda, Debatable British and Irish seabirds, Spring seabird passage off Senegal.

Vol.5 No.11 Identification and status of Baikal Teal, The kingdom of the Quetzal - birding in Costa Rica, The Felixstowe Stint revisited, Unravelling the mystery of the Tyne petrels.

Vol.5 No.12 Willet in Norway, 1992: A review of the birding year, Marsh Owl in Morocco.

Volume 6

Vol.6 No.1 White-throated Sparrow in Linconshire, Steller's Sea Eagle, Identification of argentatus Herring Gull.

Vol.6 No.2 Finland's first Madeiran Petrel, Identification of large falcons: Gyrfalcon, Photoforum: Pacific and Western Palearctic auks, Identification forum: female Black Scoter, Birding in Central Asia.

Vol.6 No.3 Identification and status of Kumlien's Gull, Photo-forum: Isabelline Wheatear, Corsican & Kruper's Nuthatches, Photoforum: The Rackelhahn.

Vol.6 No.4 White's Thrush in County Down, Identification forum: The Scottish Crossbill problem, Photo-forum: Three-banded Plover, Larks and bustards in Namibia, Easter in the Swedish forests, Desert Sparrows in Tunisia, A birder's guide to Shetland, The plight of the Corncrake and the Polish Wetlands Project.

Vol.6 No.5 The first Black Lark for Sweden, Pacific Swift in Norfolk, Oriental Practincole in Norfolk, Identification of female and immature Black-headed Buntings, Understanding moult, The Origin of Species.

Vol.6 No.6 Identification of Sharp-tailed Sandpiper and Pectoral Sandpiper, The status of Europe's raer birds of prey: Imperial Eagle, Southern Spain, Zaranik: migration on Egypt's main flyway, Southern California and the Sierra Nevada, Hakata, Japan, China: Poyang Lake and Xishuangbanna, Photo-forum: Clamorous Warbler.

Vol.6 No.7 The status and separation of White-headed Duck and Ruddy Duck, In praise of petrels, Churchill, a sub-Arctic hotspot, The status and conservation of Aquatic Warbler.

Vol.6 No.8 Spanish Sparrow on Orkney, August 1993 Cornish Pelagics, Hybridising harriers, Identification of female and juvenile Yellow-breasted Bunting, Biridng in Romania, The Danube Delta: Europe's pelican paradise, Dalmatian Pelicans in Albania.

Vol.6 No.9 Photo-forum: Red-fronted Serin, Identification forum: jizz identification of sand plovers.

Vol.6 No.10 Lanceolated Warbler in Norfolk, Pallid Harrier in Shetland, The Isles of Scilly Blyth's Pipit, More Short-toed Treecreepers in Kent, A Long-tailed Skua with extensive white wing flashes, Guldenstads's Redstart in Finland, Identification of Mugimaki, Narcissus and Yellow-rumped Flycatchers.

Vol.6 No.11 Red-flanked Bluetail in Dorset, Blyth's Pipit on Fair Isle, Identification forum: The Shetland Hippolais Warbler, Birding in Morocco, Identification of Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler.

Vol.6 No.12 1993: the review of the year, The Humphrey/Parkes plumage and moult terminology.

Volume 7

Vol.7 No.1 Ivory Gulls in Britain and Ireland, Identification of Pallas' Reed Bunting, 1993: the Western Palearctic year, Bicknell's Thrush - a new British bird?

Vol.7 No.2 Field identification of American Wigeon, Killdeers in Britain and Ireland, An unidentified Calidris at Cley, Arasaki, Japan's wintering Crane capital, From the archives: the Loch Lomond Ruby-crowned Kinglet.

Vol.7 No.3 Black-faced Bunting in Manchester - a new British bird, Identification and status of Black-faced Bunting, Bufflehead in Nottinghamshire, Status and identification of Hooded, Wilson's and Canada Warblers, Birding ain Africa and a role for the African Bird Club, Photo-forum: presumed hybrid American Wigeon in Grampian.

Vol.7 No.4 Field identification of Pied, Collared and Semi-collared Flycatchers: Part 1: males in breeding plumage, The Cape Verde Islands: tropical birding in the Western Palearctic.

Vol.7 No.5 African Pied Wagtail breeding at Lake Nasser, Egypt, Plumage variation in River Warblers, Golden Orioles in East Anglia, Birding in the Czech Republic, The dangers of ticks - birders and Lyme Disease.

Vol.7 No.6 Blyth's Reed Warbler in Shetland, Field identification of Pied, Collared and Semi-collared Flycatchers: Part 2: females in breeding plumage, Albatrosses in the Western Palearctic, The challenge of bird sounds.

Vol.7 No.7 Collared Pratincole in Norfolk, Swinhoe's Petrel: the first Mediterranean record, An unidentified shearwater in Eilat, The field characters of distant Great and Cory's Shearwaters, White-backed and Middle-spotted Woodpeckers, Dusky Megapodes and Halmahera.

Vol.7 No.8 The next generation of hybrid Lesser Crested x Sandwich Terns, Rose-coloured Starling invasion and breeding in Hungary, Identification of immature Tree Swallow, Field identification of Pied, Collared and Semi-collared Flycatchers: Part 3.

Vol.7 No.9 Red-necked Stint on Fair Isle - the first juvenile in Europe, Identification forum: separation of Bicknell's and Grey-cheeked Thrushes, Chestnut Bunting in Shetland.

Vol.7 No.10 Red-throated Thrush in Essex - a new British bird, Field identification of Crested Honey Buzzard, The Crested Honey Buzzard in Israel - a new Western Palearctic bird, Song Sparrow in Merseyside - the first autumn record in Europe, Yellow-browed Bunting on Scilly, Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler ID.

Vol.7 No.11 The status of Ruddy Shelduck, Yellow-rumped Warblers in Dyfed and Avon, Alpine Accentor in Linconshire, Pallas's Warblers in autumn 1994, Birding Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast, Finding Paddyfield Warblers in Bulgaria, Singapore stop-over, In search of Nicobar Pigeons.

Vol.7 No.12 Grey-tailed Tattler in Grampian - the second Western Palearctic record, Blyth's Pipit in Suffolk, 1994: the review of the birding year.

Volume 8

Vol.8 No.1 Thick-billed Warbler in Finland, 1994 National Cage and Aviary Birds exhibition, The birds of West Africa: birding in Cameroon, 1994: The Western Palearctic Year.

Vol.8 No.2 Rufous Turtle Dove in Sweden, Lesser Scaup on the Canary Islands: the first female for the Western Palearctic, The status and identification of Snow Goose and Ross's Goose, Birding in Jordan.

Vol.8 No.3 Identification of Wandering and Grey-tailed Tattlers, Photoforum: red-billed Royal Terns, Identification of Siberian, Black-throated, Radde's, Arabian and Brown Accentors, The dangers of Malaria.

Vol.8 No.4 A presumed hybrid Steller's Eider x Common Eider in Norway, Little know western Palearctic birds: Mongolian Trumpeter Finch, Egyptian Nightjar - on horseback, Birding in Slovakia, Western Rock Nuthatch in focus, The Birding World Complete list of the Birds of the Western Palearctic.

Vol.8 No.5 Black-throated Thrush in Orkney, Rock Thrush in Norfolk, Field identification of Common, Wilson's Pintail and Swinhoe's Snipes, Birding the Polar Ural - Western Palearctic Siberia.

Vol.8 No.6 Black-headed Buntings in spring 1995, River Warbler in Greater Manchester, Olivaceous Warbler on Fair Isle, Identification of breeding plumaged Long-billed and Short-billed Dowitchers, Understanding map projections, bird distribution, migration and vagrancy.

Vol.8 No.7 Pallid Harrier in Orkney, Audouin's Gulls - the future in fishermen's hands, Identification forum:field separation o fFea's, Zino's and Soft-plumaged Petrel, The Audouin's Gull in northern France, The indentification of some problem flycatchers, Do 'Whiskered Swifts' exist, Diademed Sandpiper-plover in focus.

Vol.8 No.8 Olivaceous Warbler in Suffolk, Slender-billed Curlews wintering in Italy in 1995, Aouthern and Eastern Great Grey Shrikes in northwest Europe, The Colwick tern - a presumed hybrid Roseate x Common Tern, Bristle-thighed Curlew in focus.

Vol.8 No.9 Identification of Barbary Falcon, Spoon-billed Sandpiper in focus, Fiding Red-cockaded Woodpecker in Florida, Cock-of-the-rock in Venezuela, Podocarpus National Park, Ecuador, Lakekamu Basin, Papua New Guinea, Australia with the locals, Spanish Sparrows in Normandy.

Vol.8 No.10 Azure Tit, Shore Plover in focus, Chestnut-sided Warbler in Devon.

Vol.8 No.11 Abyssinian Roller in Egypt, The Stiffkey harrier, Arctic Redpolls in Shetland in November 1995, Tuamotu Sandpiper in focus.

Vol.8 No.12 Identification of Pacific Diver, Painted Snipe in focus, Cranes on the Hungarian Hortobagy, 1995 Review of the birding year.

Volume 9

Vol.9 No.1 Black-throated Thrush in Worcestershire, Pine Buntings in Italy, Red-breasted Geese wintering in Europe, 1995: The Western Palearctic year.

Vol.9 No.2 Cedar Waxwing in Nottingham - a new British bird, Identification and ageing of Audouin's Gulls, Identification forum: Arctic Redpolls revisited.

Vol.9 No.3 Redhead in Nottingham, Birding in Israel, Lady Amherst's and Golden Pheasants in Britain, From Linnaeus to DNA.

Vol.9 No.4 American Coot in Kent - a new British bird, Lesser Scaups in Britain, Hybrid wigeon resembling American Wigeon in Leicesternshire, Yellow-eyed Stock Dove, Myvatn, Iceland, Island Scrub Jay.

Vol.9 No.5 Identification of Nightingale and Thrush Nightingale, Blood Pheasants in China, Ibisbills near Kathmandu, Parc de Tsimbazaza, Madagascar, Birding the Dominican Republic, Rarity origins.

Vol.9 No.6 Caspian Plover in Shetland, Two Blyth's Reed Warblers on Fair Isle, Long-toed Stint in County Cork, The Canary Islands Laurel Pigeons, Birding the Canary Islands.

Vol.9 No.7 Spanish Sparrow in Cumbria, Ageing Steppe Eagles, Ageing passerines - some practical examples.

Vol.9 No.8 Great Black-headed Gull in Europe, Identification of Blackpoll, Bay-breasted and Pine Warblers in autumn, Presumed hybrid Turtle Doves, Pacific Divers in Japan, Black-throated Divers and throat straps, The 'Borcka puzzle' - the first Western Palearctic Crested Honey Buzzard.

Vol.9 No.9 Identification of Blyth's Reed Warbler in the field, Rufous-tailed Robin, Satellite Swans: tracking migrating birds, The island of Terschelling, Netherlands, Finding the Australian Owlet-nightjar.

Vol.9 No.10 Autumn 1996: a closer look at some rarities, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Vol.9 No.11 Hooded Mergansers: benefit of the doubt? Lesser Scaup in Cornwall, Steppe Grey Shrike in Essex, Identification of Snowy Egret and Little Egret, Kestrel towers of Portugal.

Vol.9 No.12 1996: Review of the Birding Year, Muddy waters for Mascarene Shearwaters, Hooded Crows: a hard one to call.

Volume 10

Vol.10 No.1 Separation of Black Brant, Dark-bellied and Pale-bellied Brent Goose, Canvasback in Norfolk - a new British bird, 1996: the review of the Western Palearctic year, Taiga and Tundra Bean Goose split.

Vol.10 No.2 Indentification of Velvet and White-winged Scoters, Sabah: birding in Borneo, Siberian Chiffchaffs in Aberdeenshire, apparent hybrid wing-barred Crossbill, Wild Snow Geese, Hooded Merganser origins.

Vol.10 No.3 Little Crake in Kent, Thayer's Gull in Belfast, Dump gulls, Spectacles on ice, Big on birds -India's smallest state: Goa, A wintering Turtle Dove.

Vol.10 No.4 Yellow-headed Wagtail on Scilly - a new British bird? Spectacled Warbler in Suffolk, American sparrows in Britain and Ireland, Redpolls from Greenland and Iceland, Wing-barred Crossbills, Balearic Woodchat Shrikes in Britain, Siberian Chiffchaffs in Britain, Birding Jordan from Eilat.

Vol.10 No.5 Little Swift on the Isle of Wight, May 1997: a closer look at some of the rarities, The Veery on Lundy, Common Yellowthroat on Shetland, Calandra Lark on the Isle of Man, Pallas's Fish Eagle, Birding the limits of the Western Palearctic - Armenia.

Vol.10 No.6 Semipalmated Plover in Devon, Spur-winged Plover in Kent - a new British bird? Blue-cheeked Bee-eater in Shetland, Identification of Cape Verde Shearwater, South Polar Skua - an overlooked bird in the Eastern Atlantic.

Vol.10 No.7 Identification of perched Montagu's and Pallid Harriers, Finding Demoiselle Cranes in Cyprus, The Goksu Delta, Turkey, Yellow-eyed Stock Doves at Harike, India, Spoon-billed Sandpipers in Vietnam, Polynesia: a dream realised, Midway: gem of the Pacific, Putative Glaucous x Herring Gulls.

Vol.10 No.8 Lesser Sand Plover in Sussex - a new British bird, Lesser Crested and Elegant Terns, Western Sandpiper in Lothian, Identification of South Polar Skua: the Brown Skua pitfall, Birding the limits of the Western Palearctic - the Volga Delta.

Vol.10 No.9 Isabelline Wheatear on Bardsey, Populations trends of North American vagrants, Appearance of Black-headed Wagtails, Glaucous and Herring Gull hybridisation.

Vol.10 No.10 Identification of Pine Siskin, Classic Fair Isle: September 1997, Siberian Rubythroat in Dorset, Palm Warbler and Cerulean Warbler in Iceland - new to the Western Palearctic, Purple Gallinule in Cumbria, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1997.

Vol.10 No.11 Identification of Taiga Bean Goose and Tundra Bean Goose, Appearance of a first autumn hybrid Lesser Crested x Sandwich Tern, The Dry Tortugas, Florida, Tiritiri Matingi Island, New Zealand, Taita Hills, Kenya, Seawatching off Portugal, Meinertzhagen mysteries.

Vol.10 No.12 Support for Lesser Redpoll split, Herald Petrel: a new species for the Western Palearctic, Purple Gallinule in Cumbria - a new British bird? 1997: Review of the Year.

Volume 11

Vol.11 No.1 Dark-eyed Junco in Cheshire, Identification of Great Blue and Grey Heron, 1997: the Western Palearctic Year.

Vol.11 No.2 Redefining Acrocephalus and Hippolais, The Scilly starling, Seeing the owls of Finland, Peru - the world's best birding.

Vol.11 No.3 Identification of juvenile and 1st winter Thayer's Gull, Adult Thayer's Gull in Donegal, American Herrring Gull: in another age.

Vol.11 No.4 Lesser Whitethroat taxonomy, The world's best wader-watching - and much more - birding in Hong Kong, Immunisation for travelling in the Third World.

Vol.11 No.5 Slender-billed Curlew in Northumberland - a new British bird, Cretzschmar's Bunting in Stronsay, Ageing of White Stork and Black Stork.

Vol.11 No.6 Chestnut Bunting in Norfolk, Scops Owl in Renfrewshire, Bird forms in Britain.

Vol.11 No.7 Amur Falcons in Italy, Identification of Amur Falcon, White-throated Sparrows at sea, The rare Steppe Whimbrel, Identification of Slender-billed Curlew.

Vol.11 No.8 The Stanpit egret, Baltic Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus fuscus - moult, ageing and identification.

Vol.11 No.9 Common Nighthawks on the Isles of Scilly, Gadfly Petrels in the western North Atlantic, Identification of catharacta skuas: variability in juvenile Great Skuas.

Vol.11 No.10 Wilson's Snipe on the Isles of Scilly, Willet in Vendee, France, Locustella warblers in autumn 1998, Spread of Black Woodpecker in Europe, Bardsey, Israel: kibbutz birding, Jamaica, The island of Flores, Indonesia.

Vol.11 No.11 Seabirds of the southern Gulf Stream, The Green-winged Teal, Pintail Snipe in Sicily - a new European bird, The Kagu.

Vol.11 No.12 1998: Review of the birding year, Hybridisation of Starling and Spotless Starling in captivity, Identification of Marsh Hawk - the end of a 41 year hunt? Emperors of the Weddell Sea.

Volume 12

Vol.12 No.1 1998: the Western Palearctic year, Identification of Common Merganser, Lammergeiers in the Alps, Thayer's Gull in Ireland.

Vol.12 No.2 Grey-cheeked Thrush in Cornwall, Wilson's Snipe on Scilly revisited, Winter gulls gallery, Scilly in Spring, The South Ural: edge of the Western Palearctic, Atlantic Odyssey, Birding the Red Sea, birding in Arizona, Identification of female Green-winged Teal, Identification of Marsh Hawk, Canada Goose Forms.

Vol.12 No.3 Booted Eagle in County Dublin, North of the Black Sea, Cargo ship birding, South Africa: the Cape and Karoo, Belize: a Central American birding paradise, Playa Larga, Cuba, Cock-of-the-Rocks in Peru, Sungei Buloh Nature Park, Singapore, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia, Hybrid South Polar Skua x Brown Skua.

Vol.12 No.4 Crag Martin in Leicestershire, American Coot in Cumbria, An interesting Shore Lark in Ireland, A Birder's guide to the Laws of Trespass, Nuisance and Harassment, Great Blue Heron on Tenerife, Birding applications of the Global Positioning System, Little known Western Palearctic birds: Mountain Chiffchaff.

Vol.12 No.5 Slender-billed Gull in Kent, Iberian Chiffchaff in Dorset, Autumn 1998 on the Azores.

Vol.12 No.6 Female Collared Flycatcher on North Ronaldsay, Orkney, Baillon's Crake in Kent, Greater Sand Plover in Lothian, Blyth's Reed Warbler on Fair Isle, Myrtle Warbler on Fair Isle, Thick-billed Lark - a new breeding bird for Israel, The status of Lesser White-fronted Goose in Europe and beyond, Photo-forum: hybrid American Wigeons.

Vol.12 No.7 Elegant Tern in County Wexford, Desert Lesser Whitethroat on Fair Isle, Olivaceous Warbler in Dorset, Waterthrush on the Canary Islands in 1991 New Birds for the World: species discovered during 1980 - 1999.

Vol.12 No.8 1999 Scillonian Pelagic, Pelagic trips from Scilly, Yellow-breasted Bunting in Suffolk, Partially albino Common Swift in Strathclyde, Identification of White-winged and Velvet Scoters - males, females and immatures, The true nature of hybrids, The Canary Islands' Pigeons, Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher, Autumn seawatching in northern France in the 1990's.

Vol.12 No.9 Short-billed Dowitcher in Aberdeenshire - a new British bird, Identification forum: Common Snipe and Wilson's Snipe, A probable Northern Horned Lark in Iceland, hybrid Green-winged Teal? American Black Tern in County Dublin.

Vol.12 No.10 Short-toed Eagle on the Isles of Scilly - a new British bird, Blue Rock Thrush on the Isles of Scilly, Black-faced Bunting in Northumberland, American Black Tern in Avon.

Vol.12 No.11 Booted Eagle in Cornwall - a new British bird, The first Pallid Swift to be ringed in Britain, Separation of Pallid Swift and pekinensis Common Swift, Mourning Dove on the Outer Hebrides, Dark-breasted Barn Owl on Shetland, Magnificent Frigatebird on the Isle of Man, Taiga Flycatcher in Sweden: the first record in Western Europe.

Vol.12 No.12 Ivory Gull in Suffolk, Brown Shrike in County Kerry, The birding review of 1999, Phoebe Snetsinger 1931-1999, Watching Capercaillie and Black Grouse.

Volume 13

Vol.13 No.1 Sora Rail in Devon, Thayer's Gull in Norway, 1999: the Western Palearctic Year, Dusky Woodcock, Interesting flycatcher on Fair Isle, Birding on the internet.

Vol.13 No.2 Siberian Chiffchaffs in Worcestershire, Caspian Gull identification gallery, Early spring in Oman, Colorado, USA: a grouse extravaganza, Backwoods Camp, Goa, Helambu and Kosi Tappu, Nepal, Lambok, Indonesia, Meadow Bunting in Norfolk.

Vol.13 No.3 Gyr Falcons in February and March 2000, The two giant petrels, Identification of first-winter Kumlien's Gull and the 'Whitby Gull', Wandering and Grey-tailed Tattlers, Plains Wanderer, Waders - an ambition almost fulfilled, Pallas's Warbler in Norfolk - a new British bird.

Vol.13 No.4 Aleutian Tern, Birding Biscay, Video birding, Gulls in Japan, White-headed Duck and Ruddy Duck: an update, Superb and Black-faced Pittas.

Vol.13 No.5 Hudsonian Whimbrel in Gwent, Alpine Accentor in Suffolk, Blue Rock Thrush in Cornwall, Fan-tailed Warblers in Dorset, Identification of European Lanner.

Vol.13 No.6 Blackpoll Warbler on Merseyside, Identification, ageing and sexing of Subalpine Warbler, Birding the Azores.

Vol.13 No.7 Sykes's Warbler in Dorset, Blyth's Reed Warbler in Highland, Identification of Jackdaw forms in north-western Europe, Almeria: the other end of Andalucia, Off the beaten track Alaska, Mount Kasigau, Kenya, South-western Ecuador.

Vol.13 No.8 Caspian Reed Warbler on Fair Isle, White-faced Petrel, Autumn birding the Bering Sea: some observations, Oriental Cuckoo versus Common Cuckoo, Birding Alaska, The Aleutian Ferry: the ultimate alcid pelagic, An interesting skua in Dorset.

Vol.13 No.9 Honey Buzzards in September 2000, Isabelline Shrike in Cambridgeshire, Identification of Cliff Swallow and Cave Swallow, White-tailed Plovers in Romania: the first breeding records for Europe, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2000.

Vol.13 No.10 Blue-winged Warbler in County Cork - a new Western Palearctic bird, Siberian Blue Robin in Suffolk - a new British bird, Siberian Blue Robin in Spain - the second Western Palearctic record, Spectacled Warbler on the Isles of Scilly, Brown Shrike on Fair Isle, Isabelline Wheatears in the Netherlands.

Vol.13 No.11 Long-tailed Shrike on the Outer Hebrides, Desert Lesser Whitethroat on Teesside, Steller's Eider in Moray, Hume's Yellow-browed Warbler plumage and calls, Caspian Gull identification revisited, Pine Grosbeak in Shetland, Blue-winged Teal x Shoveler hybrid in Norfolk, Chinese Pond Heron in Hungary.

Vol.13 No.12 The birding review of 2000, Overlooked Macedonia, Egypt: the southern Red Sea Coast, Maryland, USA, California Condor at the Grand Canyon, Cairns, Australia, The Cook Islands, The Hooded Merganser on the Outer Hebrides - a new British bird?

Volume 14

Vol.14 No.1 A Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat in Sweden, 2000: the Western Palearctic Year, A Checklist of Bird Forms of Britain and Ireland.

Vol.14 No.2 Vagrant Canada Geese in Britain and Ireland, American Herring Gulls in County Cork, Changing Fortunes of the Black Brant, Twitching in the Fast Lane 2000: a year to remember, The Mascerene Shearwater.

Vol.14 No.3 White's Thrush in Denmark, Identification of Greenland White-fronted Goose, Khichand - the Demoiselle Crane village, The Kelp Gull at Banc d'Arguin - a new Western Palearctic bird, Identification of Kelp Gull, Southern Norway, The lure of the Silk Road, Australia: Sydney pelagic trips, Paparoa NP, New Zealand.

Vol.14 No.4 Identification of Grey-bellied Brant, Apparent Continental Stonechats in England, Head pattern variation in Black-headed Wagtail, California Condor back from the brink, An aberrant grey shrike in Italy, A wing-barred crossbill in Finland.

Vol.14 No.5 Identification of Western and Eastern Olivaceous Warblers and Booted and Sykes's Warblers.

Vol.14 No.6 Intermediate Egret in Italy: a new European bird, Moltoni's Subalpine Warbler in Belgium, Migration on the Gulf Coast, USA Whitefish Point, Michigan, an owl hotspot, Spoon-billed Sandpipers in Thailand, Hamut Camp, Philippines.

Vol.14 No.7 Verification of suspected field identification differences in Fea's Petrel and Zino's Petrel, Fea's Petrel off the Isles of Scilly, Atlantic Islands Yellow-legged Gulls: an identification gallery, Continental Stonechats, Mixed singing Phylloscopus, Black-tailed Gull getting closer, Foster Peregrines.

Vol.14 No.8 The 14th annual Scillonian pelagic trip, Putative Caspian Reed Warbler in North Yorkshire, First breeding record of Cream-coloured Courser in Europe, Eastern Vagrants: photo-gallery, Nemrut Dagi, Adiyaman, Turkey, Birding Queensland, Australia, Kingfisher Park, Queensland.

Vol.14 No.9 Green Heron in Lincolnshire, Thick-billed Warbler in Shetland, Pallid Harrier on Shetland, Stilt Sandpiper at Lough Beg - the first for Northern Ireland, Red-necked Stint in Cambridgeshire, Isabelline Wheatear in Suffolk, Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler in Norfolk, Juvenile Caspian Gull in Suffolk, Head pattern of Black-headed Wagtail, Apparent Continental Stonechats on Scilly, Eastern Buntings: a photo-gallery.

Vol.14 No.10 Siberian Blue Robin on Orkney, Grey Catbird on Anglesey, Siberian Rubythroat on Shetland, Brown Shrike on the Isles of Scilly, Turkestan Shrike in Kent, Black-faced Bunting on Lundy, Black-faced Bunting on Fair Isle, Possible Rough-legged Hawk on the Isles of Scilly.

Vol.14 No.11 Snowy Egret in Argyll - a new British bird, Pygmy Cormorants in Europe: Britain next? Ross's Geese in Britain, Baikal Teal in Suffolk, Subalpine Warbler forms in Britain.

Vol.14 No.12 Redhead in Glamorgan, Birding review of 2001, Vagrant Canada Geese in Britain: autumn 2001. Identification of Fea's and Zino's Petrels, Separation of Fea's and Zino's Petrels, Calonectris shearwaters off West Africa, Australia: Sydney pelagics revisited.

Volume 15

Vol.15 No.1 2001: the Western Palearctic Year, Finding two difficult species in Norway, Caladesi and Honeymoon Islands, Florida, South Korea: Baikal Teals and much more, White-bellied Dipper.

Vol.15 No.2 Allen's Gallinule in Dorset, African Crake on Tenerife - a new Western Palearctic bird, Pipits, dippers, gulls and more - the best winter sightings, Late winter gulling in Ireland, Identification of eastern Reed Buntings with reference to an apparent Siberian Reed Bunting in Northern Ireland.

Vol.15 No.3 Red-billed Tropicbird off Scilly, Possible hybrid Spotted Eagle x Lesser Spotted Eagle in Spain, Three American Herring Gulls on the Isles of Scilly, Horned Lark on the Isles of Scilly, Progressing with video digiscoping.

Vol.15 No.4 The Kern Valley Biofest, California, Kauai, Hawaii, Dominica Island, Red-spotted Bluethroat females resembling males, Bill shapes of Booted and Sykes's Warblers, World News.

Vol.15 No.5 Lesser Kestrel on the Isles of Scilly, Elegant Tern in Devon - a new British bird, Lesser Sand Plover in Lincolnshire, Black-capped Petrel off the Bay of Biscay - the fourth for the Western Palearctic.

Vol.15 No.6 New BOURC taxonomic guidelines, Orange-billed Tern in Norfolk, Apparent hybrid gull in Lincolnshire, Separation of Black Kite from Red Kite: the pitfall of the eastern form and rufous variants, Dark morph Montagu's Harrier, Spoon-billed Sandpipers in Thailand, Camp Forktail Creek, India, Lord Howe Island, It is possible to see Kakapo.

Vol.15 No.7 Stilt Sandpiper in Hampshire, Rose-coloured Starling invasion of summer 2002, The orange-billed terns in Summer 2002, Greater Sand Plover and Lesser Sand Plover at Jaeren. Norway, Balearic Woodchat Shrike in County Cork, Winter birding in Portugal, Birding the Syrian Euphrates, Egypt: further south open for birding, Verreaux's Eagles rediscovered in Sinai, Three million raptors in Costa Rica, South Korea in spring and autumn, Cassowaries in Asutralia.

Vol.15 No.8 Bee-eaters nesting in County Durham, Pallid Harrier in Kent, Storm Petrels of Mousa, Progressing with stills digiscoping, White-faced Ibis - Europe next? Apparent juvenile Cox's Sandpiper in Japan, Rough-legged Hawk off Greenland.

Vol.15 No.9 Sykes's Warbler on Orkney, Sykes's Warbler in East Sussex, Field identification of Sykes's Warbler, Brown Skua on the Isles of Scilly the first for Europe, Brown Skua in Glamorgan, Wilson's Petrel off Northumberland - the first British North Sea record, Dwarf Bittern on the Canary Islands - the fourth Western Palearctic record.

Vol.15 No.10 Eastern Crowned Warbler, New birds for the World 1999-2002, Three firsts for North America, British birders scale ' Barbet Peak' in the remote interior of Peru.

Vol.15 No.11 Killdeer on the Isles of Scilly, Grey-cheeked Thrush on the Isles of Scilly, Identification and vagrancy of American Merlins in Europe, Spoon-billed Sandpiper from Russia.

Vol.15 No.12 Rufous Turtle Dove in Orkney, Lesser Scaup identification- the underwing, Birding Review of 2002.

Volume 16

Vol.16 No.1 Pallid Harrier in Norfolk, White-rumped Swift in Dublin, Macqueen's Bustard in Belgium, Rough-legged Hawk on the Faeroe Islands, Bermuda Petrel on the Azores, Western Palearctic Year 2002.

Vol.16 No.2 Identification of hybrid ducks, Yellow-headed Blackbirds in Europe, Tripod ferry cshions, Spain to the Canary Islands pelagic, Washington state pelagics, Hawaii.

Vol.16 No.3 Branta goose gallery, Winter gull gallery, Brown Shrike in Italy.

Vol.16 No.4 Taiga Flycatcher in East Yorkshire, Identification of Black-eared Kite, Kaikoura, New Zealand seabirds, New Zealand Storm-petrel.

Vol.16 No.5 Audouin's Gull in Kent, White-crowned Sparrow in C. Cork, Thick-billed Warbler on Fair Isle, Oriental Plover in Finland, Wilson's Petrels off Scilly, Pelagic birding off Northumberland.

Vol.16 No.6 Black Lark on Anglesey, Turkestan Shrike in Somerset, Steppe Grey Shrike on the Isle of Man, Identification of Atlas Flycatcher, Dark morph Montagu's Harriers, Balearic Shearwater heading to extinction.

Vol.16 No.7 Franklin's Gull in Israel, Mongolian Sand Plover in Hampshire, Solitary Sandpiper on Scilly, Identification of orange-billed terns, New Zealand seabirding, Vagrant Oriental Plovers, Bald Ibises in Syria.

Vol.16 No.8 Rose-coloured Starlings breeding in Romania, World News, Snow Finches in Spain, Bosnia, Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego, Madagascar, Eastern Cetti's Warbler in East Sussex, Southern Grey Shrikes in Tunisia, Eastern vagrants photo-gallery.

Vol.16 No.9 Identification of Mongolian and Lesser Sand Plovers, Elegant Tern in France, Masked Booby in the Bay of Biscay, Identification of Saunders' Tern, Lesser Crested Terns in Spain, Saharan Olivaceous Warbler.

Vol.16 No.10 Two-barred Greenish Warbler on Scilly, Savannah Sparrow on Fair Isle, Siberian Rubythroat on Fair Isle, Taiga Flycatcher on Shetland, Little Crake on Scilly, American Black Tern in Kerry, Iceland in October.

Vol.16 No.11 American Robin on Bardsey, Masked Wagtail in Norway, Sykes's Warbler in Shetland, Identification of Booted & Sykes's Warblers, Saharan Olivaceous Warbler, Wallcreeper in Spain, Spoon-biolled Sandpipers in South Korea & Thailand, New Zealand Storm-petrel.

Vol.16 No.12 American Coot in Shetland, RufousTurtle Dove in Caithness, American Robin in Cornwall, Baltimore Oriole in Oxford, Rare Birds in 2003.

Volume 17

Vol.17 No.1 Northern Long-tailed Tits in Suffolk, American Robin in Lincolnshire, Goshawks in Norway, Western Palearctic Year 2003.

Vol.17 No.2 Female Redhead, Scotland's endemic subspecies, Cape Gull in Paris, Cape Gull Identification, Madrid, Morocco, Sabah, Grey Phalaropes in Iceland.

Vol.17 No.3 Identification of Yelkouan, Balearic and Manx Shearwaters, Hybrid and aberrant geese in Britain, Lesser Crested Terns in Spain.

Vol.17 No.4 Caucasian Stonechat on Cyprus, Legal protection of birds in Britain, Birding in Madeira, Evolution of the Herring Gull complex.

Vol.17 No.5 Cinnamon Teal in Britain, Eastern Subalpine Warblers in spring 2004, Semipalmated Plover and Varied Thrush in Iceland, Three-toed Woodpecker and American Three-toed Woodpecker.

Vol.17 No.6 Kermadec Petrels in British waters? Birding Kazakhstan, Georgia, Spotted Eagles in France, Spoon-billed Sandpiper in Thailand.

Vol.17 No.7 Mongolian Plover in Lothian, Green Heron in Iceland, South Polar Skuas off California, S Atlantic Seabirds, Coolpix, Morocco, Everglades, Mexico, Philippines, Tahiti, SW Madagascar.

Vol.17 No.8 Great Knot in Lancashire, Scopoli's Shearwater off Scilly, Stejneger's Scoters in the Western Palearctic and North America.

Vol.17 No.9 Purple Martins on the Outer Hebrides and the Azores, Brown Shrike in Shetland, Another Fea’s Petrel off Scilly.

Vol.17 No.10 Fair Isle Chestnut-eared Bunting & Rufous-tailed Robin, Scilly Ovenbird & Cream-coloured Courser, Western Sandpiper in Dorset, White's Thrush in East Yorkshire, Yellow Warbler on the Outer Hebrides, Slender-billed Curlew in Yemen.

Vol.17 No.11 Masked Shrike in Fife, Little Crake in Cornwall, Chinese Pond Heron in Norfolk & Hampshire, White-rumped Swifts in Spain.

Vol.17 No.12 Rare birds in 2004, Desert Lesser Whitethroat in Aberdeen, Sora in Nottinghamshire, Northern Bullfinches, Madeira, SW France.

Volume 18

Vol.18 No.1 Taxonomy of European Wrens, Western Palearctic Year 2005.

Vol.18 No.2 Kumlien's and hybrid Glaucous × Herring Gulls, Redpoll forms, Cape Verde Is, São Tomé & Principe, Owling in Minnesota, Cape York.

Vol.18 No.3 North Atlantic & Continental Cormorants, Thayer's Gull, Redpolls in the Hebrides, Arctic Norway, Zambia, Halmahera, Brazil.

Vol.18 No.4 Belted Kingfisher in England & Scotland, Amur Wagtail in C. Durham, "Orange-breasted" Meadow Pipits, Cyprus, Egypt, Zululand, Madagascar, Queensland.

Vol.18 No.5 Eagle taxonomy, Barrow's Goldeneye in Aberdeen, Trumpeter Finches in Suffolk and Kent, Elegant Tern in Dorset, Birds in England.

Vol.18 No.6 Canary Island Robins, Balearic Woodchat Shrike in Somerset, Wilson's Petrels off Scilly, Scopoli's Shearwater in Sweden, New Zealand.

Vol.18 No.7 Sooty Tern on Anglesey, Amur Falcon in Europe, Large skuas off Carolina, Birds from China, Record numbers of seabirds on the Farne Is.

Vol.18 No.8 Birding the Salvage Islands, 3rd-year Lesser Black-backed Gulls, White-rumped Sandpipers in Arctic Norway.

Vol.18 No.9 Yellow Warbler in Shetland, Little Crake in Gloucester, Black-browed Albatross on Sula Sgeir, More birds from northeast China, Calls of Sykes's and Booted Warblers.

Vol.18 No.10 October 2005 Bird News, Rüppell's Vultures in Spain.

Vol.18 No.11 Green Heron on Anglesey, Franklin's and Laughing Gulls influx, American Vagrants on the Azores, American Barn Swallows on the Azores, Magnificent Frigatebird in Shropshire, Wilson's Snipe on Ouessant.

Vol.18 No.12 American Buff-bellied Pipit in Lincolnshire, Rough-legged Hawk in Ireland, Birding Review of 2005, Sacred Ibis invasive in Europe, Western Reef Heron in Canada.

Volume 19

Vol.19 No.1 Identification of Siberian Chiffchaff, Rufous-tailed Robin in Poland, Kittlitz's Plover in Greece, Little Shearwater underwing pattern, Western Palearctic Year 2005.

Vol.19 No.2 White-billed Divers off Norway, Three new birds for Australia, Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse, Basra Reed Warbler, Afghan Babbler, Wallcreepers, Central Europe, Istanbul, Syria, Kenya, Christmas Island, Sacred Ibises in the Netherlands.

Vol.19 No.3 Red-breasted Geese in Eastern Europe, African Chaffinch, Apparent Grey-bellied Brant in Yorkshire, Winter in Japan'

Vol.19 No.4 Moroccan Marsh Owl, Eastern Nightingale, Panama'

Vol.19 No.5 Calandra Lark on the Isle of May, Rough-legged Hawks in Europe, Trinidade Petrel in the Azores, Egypt's southern Red Sea coast.

Vol.19 No.6 Scops Owl in Oxfordshire, Yellow-billed tern on Anglesey, Bird forms in Morocco, House Bunting to colonise Europe?

Vol.19 No.7 American Black Tern in County Wexford, Iraq Babbler spreads to Turkey, Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania, Birding Bhutan.

Vol.19 No.8 Orange-billed terns in France, Predicting vagrants using 'Vagrancy Shadow', Sound Approach to Crossbills, Displaying Houbara Bustards, Lithuania, Tunisia, Fuerteventura, Tibet, Yucatan.

Vol.19 No.9 Olive-tree Warbler on Shetland, Atlantic Gull, Baltic Gull, Turkestan Shrike, the Remembird audio recorder.

Vol.19 No.10 Canada Warbler in County Clare, Two-barred Greenish Warbler in North Yorkshire, Reverse migration II.

Vol.19 No.11 Long-billed Murrelet in Devon, Black-eared Kite in Lincolnshire, Falcated Duck in Devon, Masked Shrike on Scilly, Pallid Swift in the hand, Great Shearwater in Greece, Corvo, Azores, in autumn 2006, Forest Wagtail in Kuwait.

Vol.19 No.12 Leach's Petrels in December 2006, Identification of American and Siberian Buff-bellied Pipits, Rare Birds in 2006.

Volume 20

Vol.20 No.1 Glaucous-winged Gull in Gloucestershire, Pacific Diver in Yorkshire, Western Palearctic Year 2006.

Vol.20 No.2 Pacific Divers in Pembrokeshire and Cornwall, Identification of Glaucous-winged Gull, Morocco, Caribbean Grenada, Tawny Frogmouth, Malleefowl, Tasmania, Reverse migration and 'Vagrancy shadow'.

Vol.20 No.3 Blue-headed and "Channel" Wagtails, Identification of Redhead, Borneo, Shovel-billed Kingfisher, Ecuador, Bird Conservation Targeting, St Helena.

Vol.20 No.4 Blue Rock Thrush in Wales, Glaucous-winged Gull in Surrey, Baltic Gull in Gloucestershire, Iberian Chiffchaff in Norfolk, Blue Bluethroats in Spain, Shikra in the Western Palearctic, Identification of Kumlien's Gull and American Herring Gull.

Vol.20 No.5 Identification of Fea's Petrel by moult, Lapland Bunting origins, Estonia, Guatemala, Naturalised birds in France.

Vol.20 No.6 White-tailed Plover in Dumfries & Galloway and Lancashire, Hudsonian Whimbrel in Cumbria, Greater Yellowlegs in Lincolnshire, Antpittas in Ecuador, Australian Pelagic, Egypt Red Sea islands.

Vol.20 No.7 Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross: Somerset, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Sweden, Norway, Slate-coloured Junco in Norfolk, Madeiran Petrel off Scilly, Identification of female Blackl-headed Bunting, Identification of Western and Eastern Bonelli's Warblers.

Vol.20 No.8 Brown Skua in the North Atlantic, Displaying Pectoral Sandpipers in Spitsbergen, a "rogue" Willow Grouse in Finland, Scilly, Serra dos Tucanos, Brazil, South Australia, Hong Kong, Lapland Bunting origins II, Seeing Red-billed Leiothrix in France II.

Vol.20 No.9 Eclipse Green-winged Teal, Hybrid Siberian × Willow Tits in Finland, Birding in Mauritania.

Vol.20 No.10 Brown Flycatcher in Yorkshire, Turkestan Isabelline Shrike in Yorkshire, Wilson's Snipe on Scilly, The Peru Guide.

Vol.20 No.11 Mourning Dove on the Outer Hebrides, Moltoni's Subalpine Warbler in Norfolk, Apparent Hudsonian Dunlin on Scilly, Finland in winter, Hybrid Red Kite × Black Kite.

Vol.20 No.12 Great Blue Heron on Scilly, Identification of Thayer's Gull type, Varanger in winter, Rare Birds in 2007.

Volume 21

Vol.21 No.1 White-crowned Sparrow in Norfolk, Algerian Nuthatch and other Algerian specialities, Pectoral Sandpipers displaying in Norway II, Siberian Tit × Willow Tit hybrids II, Western Palearctic Year 2007.

Vol.21 No.2 Pacific and Black-throated Divers in Pembrokeshire, Tri-colored Heron on the Canary Islands, Purple Sunbirds in Kuwait, Willet in Italy, Harlequin Ducks in Iceland, Viewranger.

Vol.21 No.3 Handbook of WP Birds, Taiga Merlin, Dark Montagu's Harriers, vittata Pied Wheatear, Beck's Petrel, Dupont's Lark in Tunisia, St Helena, Finfoot in The Gambia, Guatemala.

Vol.21 No.4 Black Lark in Norfolk, vittata Pied Wheatear in Britain, Identification of Black Duck and Black Duck × Mallard hybrids, Taiga Flycatcher in Israel, a hybrid Grey Heron × Great White Egret, Northern Peru.

Vol.21 No.5 Dark morph Montagu's Harrier in Bedfordshire, Diary of a Rough-legged Hawk, Introduced birds in Portugal, Rare Storm-petrels in the SW Pacific, Kirtland's Warbler, Oriental Plover in Cambodia, Seabird splits in the Western Palearctic, The new Sigma 150-500mm lens.

Vol.21 No.6 Citril Finch on Fair Isle, Black-winged Stilts nesting in Cheshire, Trumpeter Finch & North Rona, Lesser Frigatebird in Kuwait, Dark-rumped Petrel Idenification, Swinhoe's Petrel off N Carolina.

Vol.21 No.7 Zino's Petrel Identification and Madeira, Taiwan in winter, Yellow-billed Guillemot, Hybrid Imperial Eagle × Golden Eagle.

Vol.21 No.8 Fork-tailed Flycatcher in Spain, Two-barred Crossbills in the Northern Isles, Pelagic trips off Scilly, Identification of Pallid Swift.

Vol.21 No.9 Cretzschmar's Bunting on Orkney, Eleonora's Falcon in Essex, Bird Atlas 2007-2011, Cetti's Warbler.

Vol.21 No.10 Alder Flycatcher in Cornwall, Amur Falcon in E Yorkshire, Little Blue Heron in County Galway.

Vol.21 No.11 Steppe Grey Shrike in Lincolnshire, Azorean Atlantic Gull in Cornwall, Two-barred Crossbill in N Yorkshire, Wilson's Snipe on Scilly, Birding Foula, Spitsbergen.

Vol.21 No.12 Ivory Gull in Shetland, Rare Birds in 2008, Great Frigatebird in mid Atlantic, Uganda, Cuba, West Papua, World year list.

Volume 22

Vol.22 No.1 Glaucous-winged Gull in Cleveland - the second British record, Corsican Nuthatch, 2008: the Western Palearctic Year.

Vol.22 No.2 Gulls from a new horizon - the Pacific Ocean, Identification of Slaty-backed Gull - a photo gallery, Identification of Vega Gull - a photo gallery, Identification of Black-tailed Gull - a photo gallery, Gulls winter 2008/09 - a photo gallery, the Pink Pigeons of Mauritius.

Vol.22 No.3 Kumlien's Gulls in Ireland and the 'Clifden Gull' conundrum, Rock Sandpiper and Purple Sandpiper, The Ruppell's Vulture in Portugal, O'Reilly's - the heart of Queensland, A quest for storm-petrels, World birding round-up, Palawan Peacock Pheasant.

Vol.22 No.4 Slaty-backed Gull in Latvia - second first for the Western Palearctic, Gadfly petrels and other seabirds in the Gulf Stream off Cape Hatteras, Identification of Trindade Petrel and its status in the north Atlantic, The Atlantic Odyssey - from penguins to tropicbirds.

Vol.22 No.5 Brown-headed Cowbird on Fair Isle - the second British record, Zino's Petrel at sea expedition II - and the best pelagic birding in the Western Palearctic, Crested Lark in Kent.

Vol.22 No.6 Royal Tern in County Cork and North Wales, Identification of a Moltoni's Subalpine Warbler in Shetland, Identification of the first Semi-collared Flycatcher for Switzerland, A Soft-plumaged Petrel in Arctic Norway - the first record for the North Atlantic region, An apparent hybrid Collared Pratincole x Black-winged Pratincole and the Oriental Pratincole problem.

Vol.22 No.7 Blue-cheeked Bee-eater sightings in Hampshire, Devon and Kent, American and Pacific Golden Plovers in Norfolk - and a brief review of the identification criteria, Tamarisk Nubian Nightjar in Israel and Jordn, Wadi el-Gemal National Park and the special birds of Egypt, Identification of some autumn raptors in Egypt.

Vol.22 No.8 Two wing-barred Crossbills on Fair Isle, Identification of Algerian Nuthatch, Mongolia - vagrants and speciality birds, World birding round-up.

Vol.22 No.9 Tufted Puffin in Kent - a new British bird, Sandhill Crane on Orkney, Black-browed Albatross off Scilly, Taiga Flycatcher on Shetland, Identification of American Black Tern, Glossy Ibises in September 2009, Field identification of a Pin-tailed Snipe.

Vol.22 No.10 Eastern Crowned Warbler in County Durham - a new British bird, Cedar Waxwing in County Galway, The Glossy Ibis invastion in autumn 2009, Brown Shrike in Surrey, Indentification of putative Brown Shrikes in Cornwall and Shetland.

Vol.22 No 11 The Fregetta storm-petrel in Avon - a new bird to Europe, Identification of Azorean Atlantic Gull in Oxfordshire, Identification of Greenish Warbler in Cornwall, The Parrotbills in Lombardia, Italy, Identification of a pitfall Common Buzzard compared with Rough-legged Buzzard, Magge Marsh, Ohio - the site for North American warbler migration in May, Hybrid harriers on the move.

Vol.22 No 12 The birding review of 2009, Hegura-jima - the Fair Isle of Japan, Bulgaria's vultures.

Volume 23

Vol 23 No 1 Taxonomy and nomenclature in 2010, Identification of the first Pacific Diver in Spain, The Pacific Diver in the Channel Islands, 2009: the Western Palearctic Year, Bearded Seal in Shetland.

Vol 23 No 2 A red-bellied Black Redstart in Lincoln; The Dresser's Eider in County Donegal – a new Western Palearctic bird; The forms of Common Eider; their identification, taxonomy and vagrancy; Identification of a first-winter Red-headed Bunting; Bird Atlas – breeding season 2010.

Vol 23 No 3 The Lesser Kestrel in Suffolk; An apparent hybrid Red-breasted Goose x Dark-bellied Brent Goose in Kent; Identification and taxonomy of bean geese; Home and away 'Greater Donana' – better than ever, Migration on Masirah Island, A June South African pelagic, Guatemala – yet more facilities for birders, Powerful Owls in Brisbane.

Vol 23 No 4 Identification of an Iberian Chiffchaff in Norfolk; Wood Duck and Mandarin Duck: identification of females; Bluethroats in Britain; Birding Arabia: an Introduction.

Vol 23 No 5 The House Finch in Cornwall: a new British bird; Identification of the Oriental Pratincole in Lincolnshire; Mangrove Olivaceous Warblers in Egypt – new to the Western Palearctic; African Reed Warblers and Mangrove Reed Warblers in Libya and Egypt – both new to the Western Palearctic.

Vol 23 No 6 The Marmora's Warbler in Gwent; The Barolo Shearwater on Lundy; Identification of Fea's, Desertas and Zino's Petrels at sea.

Vol 23 No 7 A summering Long-tailed Skua in Shetland; 'Orange-spotted Bluethroats'; More Trinidade Petrels around the Atlantic; A Juan Fernandez Petrel off Gough Island – the first live record for the Atlantic; Ethiopia: endemics and Palearctic migrants.

Vol 23 No 8 The Sykes's Warbler in Northumberland; Identification of the first Pintail Snipe for Egypt; Juvenile Little Stint and Red-necked Stint: an identification refresher; Autumn bird migration on Hegura-jima, Japan.

Vol 23 No 9 The Alder Flycatcher in Norfolk; The House Crow in County Cork; The Brown Flycatcher in East Yorkshire; The Eastern Olivaceous Warbler in East Yorkshire; Blyth's Pipit: an identification refresher.

Vol 23 No 10 Rare birds in Britain and Ireland October 2010; Rare birds in the Western Palearctic October 2010.

Vol 23 No 11 The adult Thayer's Gull in Essex; Identification of 'Trumpeting' and Northern Bullfinches in Norfolk; Eversmann's Redstart; The Crossley Identification Guide to North American Birds; Waxwings in Britain in autumn 2010.

Vol 23 No 12 Identification of Northern Harriers and vagrants in Ireland, Norfolk and Durham. The Red-footed Booby in Spain; Identification of European Boobies; A putative 'eastern Yellow Wagtail' in Devon; The birding review of 2010.


Volume 24

Vol.24 No.1 Cricket Warbler, Slaty-backed Gull in London, Siberian Chiffchaff, African Mourning Doves in Egypt, Magnificent Petrel, Western Palearctic Tear 2010.

Vol.24 No.2 Great Knot, Slaty-backed Gull in Essex, Oriental Turtle Dove in Oxfordshire, An intersting Collared Flycatcher, Great Black-backed Gulls and Cape Gulls in Morocco, Egypt, India, Seychelles, Papua New Guinea.

Vol.24 No.3 Irish Red Grouse, Stejneger’s Scoter in County Kerry, Identification of Arctic Peregrines, Spring waders at Shanghai, China.

Vol.24 No.4 Pharoah Eagle Owl, Black Scoter in Northumberland, Birding the United Arab Emirates.

Vol.24 No.5 Black Lark, Audouin’s Gull in Suffolk, Displaying Great Snipe in Norfolk, Apparent Hudsonian Dunlin in Norfolk, Eastern Common Tern in Suffolk, Zino’s Petrel movements at sea.

Vol.24 No.6 Green Warbler, White-winged Scoter in Aberdeenshire, White-throated Robin in Cleveland, Crested Honey Buzzard in Europe, Black-backed Citrine Wagtail in Turkey, Saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

Vol.24 No.7 Wallcreeper, Pacific Golden Plovers, Identification of Madeiran Petrel, Ivory and Sabine’s Gulls in Svalbard, Western Brown Fish Owl.

Vol.24 No.8 Isabelline Wheatear, Identification of Asian Red-rumped Swallow, Isabelline Wheatear, Black-bellied Storm-petrel, Identification of Red-headed Bunting.

Vol.24 No.9 Song Thrush, American Black Tern in Lincolnshire, Asian Red-rumped Swallow in Orkney, Black-bellied Storm-petrel off the Canary Islands, Identification of Sykes’s Warbler.

Vol.24 No.10 Thick-billed Lark, Rare Birds in Britain & Ireland in October 2011, Rare Birds in the Western Palearctic in October 2011.

Vol.24 No.11 ‘Seno Storm-petrel’, Eastern Black Redstarts in Kent and Northumberland, New Storm-petrel in Chile, Birding Kuwait.

Vol.24 No.12 Western Sandpiper in Norfolk, An unusual Calidris wader in Norfolk, Eastern Common Terns, The Birding Review of 2011, Index.



Volume 25


Vol.25 No.1 Spanish Sparrow in Hampshire, Identification of Coues’s Arctic Redpoll, Hortobagy, Hungary, Gebel Elba, Egypt, Western Palearctic Year 2011.


Vol.25 No.2 Common Yellowthroat in S Wales, Parrot Crossbill in W Sussex, Pallid Harrier × Hen Harrier, Thayer’s & Kumlien’s Gulls, Gyr Falcons off Greenland, Spectacled Eiders in Alaska.


Vol.25 No.3 Northern Wheatear migration, Russian Far East, Waders of Chukotka, Russia.


Vol.25 No.4 Thayer’s Gull in Lincolnshire, Hybrid Ring-billed × Lesser Black-backed Gulls, Luxor, Egypt, Rufous-vented Ground Cuckoo, NE Brazil, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, Northern Territory, Australia.


Vol.25 No.5 Cream-coloured Courser in Herefordshire, Flamborough Ficedula, Grey-headed Wagtail, Slaty-backed Gull in Iceland, Identification of first-winter Cretzschmar’s Bunting.


Vol.25 No.6 Western Orphean Warbler in Cleveland, Green & Greenish Warblers, Seawatching in Arabia.


Vol.25 No.7 Black-tailed Godwit resembling Hudsonian Godwit, Western Sandpiper, Azerbaijan Caspian Gulls and more, Great Bustards in Germany, Nordmann’s Greenshank in Thailand, Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador.


Vol.25 No.8  Eleonora’s Falcon in Cornwall, Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross off the Faeroe Islands, Migratory routes of Lessser Kestrels, African Reed Warbler, Hybrid wader in San Diego, Barrow, Alaska.


Vol.25 No.9 Short-billed Dowitchers in Dorset and Scilly, Magnolia Warbler on Fair Isle, Varied Thrush, Great Black-headed Gull, Barolo Shearwaters in Canadian waters.


Vol.25 No.10 Pale-legged Leaf Warbler in Dorset, Eastern Kingbird in Co. Galway, Chestnut-eared Bunting in Shetland, Hudsonian Whimbrels tracked in mid Atlantic.


Vol.25 No.11 Hooded Merganser in west Sussex, Otmoor and Northern Harriers, Bee-eater in Co. Durham, Hume’s Yellow-browed Warbler, Partial albino Redwing, Emperor Penguins in the Weddell Sea.


Vol.25 No.12 Hornemann’s Arctic Redpoll influx in Shetland, Chough, Western Reef Egret, The Birding Review of 2012, Index.



Volume 26

Vol.26 No.1 Didric Cuckoo, 2012: the Western Palearctic Year, King Eider, Japanese Waxwing vagrancy to Europe.

Vol.26 No.2 Little Ringed Plover, Pine Grosbeak in Shetland, Dresser’s Eider and other Eiders revisited, Bulwer’s Petrel movements at sea, Seeing Bermuda Petrel off Bermuda, Wing-barred Crossbill in Highland, Letters.

Vol.26 No.3 Asian Crimson-winged Finch, Harlequin Duck in the Outer Hebrides, Autumn 2012 on Corvo, Azores, Twitching Azores Bullfinch, Spoon-billed Sandpiper and more in Vietnam, Birding Sabah, Walrus in Orkney.


Vol.26 No.4 Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Identification of Long-legged Buzzard in Europe, a long-legged buzzard in Somerset.

Vol.26 No.5 Eastern Bonelli’s Warbler, Dusky Thrush in Kent, Pelagic birding off Lanzarote.

Vol.26 No.6 Paddyfield Warbler, Pacific Swift in Yorks, Lincs & Suffolk, South Polar Skua off Madeira, Siberian Lesser Whitethroat in Dorset, ‘New Caledonia Storm-petrel’, BTO Bird Atlas 2007-2011.

Vol.26 No.7 Grey-necked Bunting, Ascension Frigatebird on Islay, Bridled Tern in Northumberland, Spring influx of Bluethroats, Rare Birds of North America, Tubenoses in the SW Atlantic.

Vol.26 No.8 Least Bittern, Long-legged Buzzards in Europe, Britain next?, Bald Ibis in Spain, Christmas Island Frigatebird and Spot-breasted Laughing­thrush in Thailand, Queensland birding.

Vol.26 No.9 Lesser Short-toed Lark, Wilson’s Warbler in Co. Cork, Great Snipe in East Yorkshire, Potential North American vagrants: non-passerines.

Vol.26 No.10 Nutcracker, Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Co. Cork, Cape May Warbler and Thick-billed Warbler in Shetland, Elegant Tern in Co. Kerry.

Vol.26 No.11 Inishbofin:where east meets west, Twitching the White-tailed Tropicbird on the Azores, The redpolls at Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, Identification of nominate Olive-backed Pipit.

Vol.26 No.12 Black-and-white Warbler, Steller’s Eider: a species in decline, ISouth Gergia, Owling at Kaengkrachan, Thailand, Madidi NP & Rio Yacuma, Bolivia, Index.


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