Grey Seal, Horsey, Norfolk, 29th October 2008 (Robin Abel).


Chinese Water Deer, Bishop Hide, Cley, 10th October 2008 (Glyn Herrieven).


Parti-coloured Bat, Kelling, Norfolk, 13th September 2008 (Steve Gantlett). This very rare vagrant from NE Europe - the first for Norfolk - was seen coming in off the sea and then spent the rest of day in the beach pillbox! Many thanks to the finder.


Autumn Ladies Tresses Orchid, Holt, 6th September 2008 (Sue Gantlett).


Yellow Horned Poppies, Cley, 6th September 2008 (Sue Gantlett).


Hare, Cley, 16th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Migrant Hawker, Holt, Norfolk, 10th August 2008 (John Furse).


Male Chalkhill Blue, Warham Fort, Norfolk, 3rd August 2008 (John Furse).


Roe Deer, Burnham Market, Norfolk, 6th August 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Southern Hawker, Cley, 1st August 2008 (Hazel Millington).


Dark Green Fritillaries, Holkham, Norfolk, 15th July 2008 (Mick Green).


Silver-studded Blues, Kelling Heath, Norfolk, 29th June 2008 (Rob Lee).


Water Vole, Daukes' Hide, Cley, Norfolk, 27th June 2008 (John Miller).




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