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Otter, Cley, 20th December 2011 (Steve Gantlett). 



Hornet Mimic Hoverfly Volucella zonaria, Warham Greens, Norfolk, 2nd September 2011 (Stella Woodman). 



Muntjac fawn, Titchwell, Norfolk, 19th August 2011 (Chris Cook). 



Wall Brown, Briston, Norfolk, 8th August 2011 (Pauline Walton). 



Hare, Cley, 5th August 2011 (Steve Gantlett). 



Chalkhill Blue, Warham Camp, 1st August 2011 (Steve Gantlett).  In a bumper year, many hundreds, or even thousands, are present.



Pyramidal Orchid, Warham Camp, 29th June 2011 (Robin Abel).



Badgers, Cley, 20th June 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Hornet Clearwing Moth, Bintree, Norfolk, 8th June 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Hare, Cley, 7th June 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Hare, Cley, 1st June 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Roe Deer fawn, Glandford, 1st June 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Otter, Natural Surroundings, Glandford, 31st May 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Roe Deer, Avocet Hide, Cley, 12th May 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Muntjac, Cley, 30th April 2011 (Steve Gantlett). An unwelcome garden arrival today - bring on the Bayfield Panther!



Adder, Kelling Heath, 4th April 2011 (Sue Gantlett).



Skunk Cabbage, Natural Surroundings, Glandford, 3rd April 2011 (Sue Gantlett).



Roe Deer, Bayfield, 3rd April 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Ermine, Letheringsett, Norfolk, 22nd February 2011 (Richard Millington). Apart from a few brown markings on its face and black tail-tip, this critter was all-white; here it is scurrying rapidly away.



Otters, River Glaven at Natural Surroundings, Glandford, 3rd February 2011 (Steve Gantlett).



Red Deer, Holt, 24th January 2011 (Steve Gantlett).




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