Chinese Water Deer, Titchwell, Norfolk, 25th November 2013 (Steve Gantlett).



Grey Seal, Blakeney Point Lupins, 19th November 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Humpback Whale, Sea Palling, Norfolk, 13th November 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Chinese Water Deer, Stiffkey Fen, Norfolk, 5th October 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Harvest Mouse, Cley, 13th September 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Clouded Yellow, Hindringham, Norfolk, 28th August 2013 (Stella Woodman).


Puss Moth caterpillars, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 23rd August 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Poplar Hawkmoth caterpillar, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 23rd August 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Small Tortoiseshells, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 23rd August 2013 (Steve Gantlett). 85 were counted on this one bush today!


Common Shrew, Cley, 20th August 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Peacock Butterfly and Silver-washed Fritillary, Holt CP, Norfolk, 19th August 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Male Red Longhorn Beetle Stictoleptura rubra, Cley, 16th August 2013 (Sue Gantlett).


Leafcutter Bee Megachile, Cley, 16th August 2013 (Sue Gantlett).


Silver Y, Hindringham, Norfolk, 14th August 2013 (Stella Woodman).


Eyed Hawkmoth caterpillar, Daukes' Hide, Cley, 13th August 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Wasp mimic hoverfly Xanthogramma pedissequum, Hindringham, Norfolk, 7th August 2013 (Stella Woodman).


Mating pair of Silver-washed Fritillaries, Holt Country Park, Norfolk, 15th July 2013 (Pauline Walton).


Volucella bombylans var. plumata - a bumblebee mimic - feeding on Cranesbill, Hindringham, Norfolk, 21st June 2013 (Stella Woodman).


Stoat, Norfolk, 17th June 2013 (Steve Gantlett). Locality suppressed, less the National Trust step up their outrageous trapping regime - though actually that would be hard to do!


Honey Bee, Holkham, Norfolk, 27th May 2013 (Sue Gantlett). Precious few of these about this dreadful spring.


Otters, Cley, Norfolk, 18th February 2013 (Steve Gantlett).




Otters, Thetford, Norfolk, 16th February 2013 (Steve Gantlett). Three animals showing well today: a dog and, separately, a female with a well-grown cub.



Otters, Cley, Norfolk, 31st January 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Common Seal, Cley, Norfolk, 16th January 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Grey Seal, Cley, Norfolk, 8th January 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


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