(Sun)fish out of water, Salthouse, 31st December 2005 (John Furse). This was on the beach just west of the north end of the Iron Road.


Field Parasols Macrolepiota procera, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, Norfolk, 15th October 2005 (Sue Gantlett)

Death's Head Hawkmoth, Weybourne, Norfolk, 13th October 2005 (Steve Gantlett). Trapped by Martin Preston.

Speckled Wood, Stiffkey, Norfolk, 10th August 2005 (John Furse)

Wall Butterfly, Stiffkey, Norfolk, 10th August 2005 (John Furse)

Peacock Butterfly, Stiffkey Fen, Norfolk, 10th August 2005 (John Furse).

Privet Hawkmoth larva, Kelling Quags, 23rd September 2004 (john Furse)

Small Copper, Stiffkey Fen, Norfolk, 10th September 2004 (John Furse)

Badger, East Bank, 30th July 2004 (Brian Small) 

White Admiral, Stonepit Heath, Norfolk, 18th July 2004 (Sue Gantlett).

Dark Green Fritillary, Horsey, Norfolk, 5th July 2004 (Steve Gantlett)

Chinese Water Deer and fawn, North Scrape, Cley, 2nd July 2004 (Pat Wileman)

Poppy Field, Kelling, 23rd June 2004 (Steve Gantlett).

Bee Orchid, Kelling Hard, 14th June 2004 (Sue Gantlett)

Convolvulus Hawkmoth caterpillar, Cley, 21st September 2003 (Steve Gantlett)

Convolulus Hawkmoth, Cley, 13th July 2003 (Robin Abel). This was roosting on the back of the information board beside the boardwalk.

Male Long-tailed Blue, Cley, July 2002 (Richard Porter)

Sperm Whale, Holkham, Norfolk, December 1986 (Steve Gantlett). Sometimes  a Sperm Whale does not breath for half an hour, and then takes a sudden gulp. Is that why Tommy Corcoran has not been seen lately?

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