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Photographs of Cley, nearby places and people etc


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Cley, 28th November 2013 (Steve Gantlett). Beaters and shooters displaying their contempt for the reserve again - and shooting over Old Woman's Lane again.


Blakeney Point from Stiffkey, 13th October 2013 (John Furse). A controlled explosion of four USAF flares found on the beach.


Turnstone photographers, Salthouse, 18th January 2013 (Richard Millington).


Cley Marshes, 15th January 2013 (Steve Gantlett).


Photographing Turnstones, Salthouse, 10th November 2012 (Richard Millington).


Avocet Hide: the Great Snipe twitch, Cley, 12th May 2011 (Steve Gantlett).


Cley, 7th March 2011 (Steve Gantlett).


Cley, 5th November 2010 (Richard Millington).


Blakeney Bank, Cley, 5th November 2010 (Richard Millington).


Dunnock, Holkham, Norfolk, 1st February 1953 (Richard Millington).


Bernard Bishop, Cley Marshes NWT Warden, Cley, 18th April 2010 (Sue Gantlett).


Rooks are to be killed and hung on sticks, according to some friendly 'Custodians of the Countryside' in the Cley area, 16th April 2010 (Richard Millington).


Piper, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, 14th April 2010 (Steve Gantlett). This lone piper on the summit of the hill this afternoon was playing a lament, presumably for the lack of birds.


Barn Owl, Nowhere, Wiveton, 23rd March 2010 (Richard Millington).


Cley reedbed burning, 16th March 2010 (Steve Gantlett).


Cley sunset rainbow, 24th October 2009 (Steve Gantlett).


Wells Harbour, Norfolk, 23rd November 2008 (Andy Booth).


Cley Visitor Centre from Blakeney Point, 6th November 2008 (Steve Gantlett). On the way back from the Red-flanked Bluetail at the Hood.


Toilet Duck and Little Auk, both a little beyond their sell-by date, Cley Beach, 23rd June 2008 (Richard Millington).


Ox-eye Daisies, Ringstead Common, 8th June 2006 (Robin Abel). Two Quail were calling amongst the daisies.


Cley, 28th March 2008 (Richard Millington). This late afternoon rainbow was only a short-stayer.


Great Grey Shrike, Kelling Heath, 25th March 2008 (Richard Millington). Railway magic: a shrike (on the post) and a steam train (in the cutting), both in the same field of view...


Wells Lifeboat Station, 23rd March 2008 (Richard Millington). In a blizzard.


Cley, 23rd March 2008 (Sue Gantlett).


Cley Beach, 22nd March 2008 (Sue Gantlett).


North Hide, Cley, 21st March 2008 (Steve Gantlett).


Edgefield Tip, 3rd February 2008 (Richard Millington).


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