Norfolk Hawker, Upton Fen, Norfolk, 26th June 2008 (Rob Lee).


Keeled Skimmer, Holt Lowes, Norfolk, 16th June 2008 (John Furse).  


Large Red Damselfly, Friary Hills, Norfolk, 16th June 2008 (John Furse).  


Broad-bodied Chaser, Felbrigg, Norfolk, 14th June 2008 (Rob Lee).


Male Large Skipper, Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, Norfolk, 14th June 2008 (John Furse).  


Black-tailed Skimmer, Upton Fen, Norfolk, 9th June 2008 (Rob Lee).  


Common Frog tadpoles, Cley, 10th June 2008 (Steve Gantlett). If you have tadpoles in your garden pond, by this date they will benefit greatly from just a little piece of red meat.  


Four-spotted Chaser, Beeston Common, Norfok, 18th May 2008 (Rob Lee).  


Hares, Walsingham, Norfolk, 3rd April 2008 (Mick Green).  


Muntjac, Salthouse Heath, 29th April 2008 (Steve Gantlett).  


Mole, West Bank, Cley, 25th April 2008 (Steve Gantlett).  


Weasel, West Bank, Cley, 24th April 2008 (Steve Gantlett).  


Three Swallows Aviary, Cley, 4th April 2008 (Richard Millington). This ginger tom appears to be practicing at stalking budgies before moving on to sparrows (various). Hopefully not!  


Four Adders, Weybourne Heath, Norfolk, 29th March 2008 (Annette Kreiser).  


Female Emperor Moth, Cley, Norfolk, 29th March 2008 (Steve Gantlett). Reared from larva found at Gramborough Hill, Salthouse, in summer 2007.  


Red Deer stags, Kelling, Norfolk, 22nd March 2008 (John Miller). Three of a herd of six, though there are said to be 15 in the area.  


Grey Gurnard, Cley, Norfolk, 23rd March 2008 (Sue Gantlett).  


Starfish, Cley, Norfolk, 23rd March 2008 (Sue Gantlett).  


Holt Country Park, Norfolk, 31st January 2008 (John Furse).  




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